Aug 23 2016

William’s and Kate’s Royal Wedding has being called “A Modern Fairy Tale”. But, most brides I know are wary of fairy tales and princesses, at least traditional ones. Ever since Diana,Game Pokemon Go Men T-shirt, the dream of wearing a tiara has been kind of tarnished.

But Kate Middleton might make being a princess cool again. Unlike Diana, who was plucked from her already privileged life, Miss Middleton,, a commoner (who looks uncommonly good in a bikini), has not been passive. She has worked for her fairy tale, which makes it more of a fairy tale.

In case the Royal Wedding event encouraged you to be a princess for a day,, I have the perfect bridal gowns for a Modern Fairy Tale Princess, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo. They have wedding dresses for every kind of bride and every single gown has been inspired by each one of the legendary Disney Princesses.

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Aug 23 2016

Probably the most eagerly anticipated movies for brides-to-be and even, women of any age, may be the film Bride Wars ,Bathing Suit Beach Dresses Swimsuit Cover Ups, starring Hathaway As Catwoman and Kate Hudson. As being a real wedding, the very first factor that everybody miracles is, What’s going to the bride to be be putting on?” The style within this movie is double the amount fun since you have two occasions the brides.

Once the two close friends in Bride Wars , Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway As Catwoman) become engaged simultaneously, their encouraging friendship devolves into an ugly competition that tears them apart. Gentle Emma is really a people-pleaser who’s frequently go beyond by others with increased powerful personas, including her dear friend Liv. Like a special surprise on her mother, Emma decides to put on her mother’s wedding dress rather than purchasing the Vera Wang that catches her eye.

When Emma passes within the Vera Wang dress,Long Swimsuit Cover Up Plus Size, Liv button snaps it right up. It had been a creamy fantastic creation, that lots of real existence brides will without doubt be searching to locate for his or her own wedding ceremonies. Clothing was bustier having a sweetheart neck-line. The bodice is included having a whitened lace, and also the dress is really a personalized version of 1 from Vera Wang’s 2009 bridal collection. The actual focus from the dress may be the enormous tulle skirt which falls from the basque waistline. Additionally, clothing includes a lavender ribbon tied right into a bow in the natural waist, with lengthy tails falling within the skirt.

Liv completed her Wang creation having a full veil worn on top of her mind. Her bridal jewellery was easy and classic: a set of gem drop ear-rings. The character’s gem bridal jewellery was from Tiffany, but brides with no superstar budget could possibly get exactly the same stunning look with a set of Swarovski very and gem drop ear-rings. Listen to me, and give a classic gem necklace towards the ensemble bustier dresss look better when worn having a necklace, for me.

Emma’s dress was said to be her mother’s vintage dress, although in fact it had been also created by Vera Wang. Her dress would be a beautiful ivory off-the-shoulder style by having an assymetrically covered neck-line. Clothing is equipped towards the knees after which flares out right into a larger skirt. The design and style was stunning on Anne Hathaway’s tall and slender frame. I really think it is more flattering on her behalf compared to tulle dress was on Kate Hudson ¡§C there is something concerning the basque waist that didn’t work with her. Brides searching for Emma’s dress may have a harder time discovering it, because it was from the 2005 Vera Wang collection. Without doubt you will see other designers creating replicas soon, for brides who’ve their heart set on that wedding dress.

Consistent with the greater simple type of the smoothness, Emma’s add-ons were fairly low-key. She used a lengthy plain veil which was attached at the rear of her mind (so no pouf on top). Her ear-rings were small studs (they might have was to become bigger, frankly), along with a gemstone line bracelet. The truth that Emma used a bracelet assisted to balance for the possible lack of a necklace. The only real other accessory that they used was the most crucial among all: a blue flower hairpin that they and Liv had found once they were women peeking in a wedding in the Plaza Hotel. It had been the special treasure that began their dependence on wedding ceremonies generally, and also the Plaza particularly. To not give an excessive amount of away, but ultimately, it had been Liv who reached put on nowhere hairpin as she exchanged her vows.

Fashion is essential to brides everywhere, just like it had been in Bride Wars. The film comes with an important lesson, though, that brides could be smart to heed, which is the fact that friendship matters much more than fashion or externals. Ultimately,, who stands beside you at the wedding matters a lot more than other things.

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Aug 12 2016

Rachel Bilson has been spotted everyone the last couple months with a new bag.. one of the latest sighting — the newly engaged actress Rachel Bilson running errands with her mother Janice Stango (carrying the metallic Anya Hindmarch Neeson Plaited Bag) before stopping by a hospital in Pasadena,, California.

Her fabulous red ruched Miu Miu bag is from the Spring / Summer 2009 collection – as seen on the runway and in the amazing Miu Miu advertisement campaign which featured Katie Holmes-Cruise,

Wanna get Rachel Bilson’s new spring beauty? Well,Pokemon Go Women Tank Tops, there’s going to be a little wait.. right now the shoulder bag version is available over at net-a-porter for $1,Replica watches,520. It’s only a matter of time before the larger tote becomes available.. net-a-porter will be the first to get it!

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Romantic wedding must be a desire of all beings. A gallery of beautiful romantic wedding dress for your love language. Above,, a ruffle back exciting,, the focal point of duchess satin A-line skirt, make sure out of grace and dramatic draping strapless corset. Below, wedding dress with a lacy folds add incredible motion for a ball-gown of silk organza with a bodice sculpted.


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I had the opportunity yesterday to see a Rolex exhibition in the context of an event organized by an AD (Les Montres) at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris.

The interesting point is that 2 watchmakers were present with a selection of calibers,

Is it a new way for Rolex to communicate ? I don’t know but we all appreciated a lot the comments & explanations from the watchmakers.

So here are the pics:

The watchmaker is working on a 4130:


The calibers:

Crowns, valve and pushers:

The 4130:

The 3186:

The 4030:

The 750 which is used in the Cellini pocket watch. It’s a Frederic Piguet 151 also used by other brands like Daniel Roth.

Thanks a lot to the "Les Montres" and to Rolex for this presentation.


Fr,Replica Watches.Xavier


For Fr.Xavier’s original post in Rolex forum, please CLICK HERE

Aug 12 2016

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Wedding dresses come in all kinds of styles. The main wedding dress styles are: A-line dress, mermaid dress, ballerina dress, sheath dress, and empire waist dress. These are trendy wedding dress styles that all look great on most shapes and sizes. Let’s learn about these trendy wedding dress styles one by one.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

A-line wedding dress style is quite chic and classy. Just as its name hints,Beach Cover Ups Skirts, A-line wedding dresses show us shapes that seem like uppercase A. They accentuate the upper body and flare out around the waistline, which enables girls with different figures to complete slim silhouettes. An A-line dress is perfect for just about anybody; it can make a person look slimmer, taller, and altogether more beautiful. It is ideal for brides who are deeply interested in marching down the aisle with a moderately gorgeous appearance.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses with trumpet silhouette always look glamorous and elegant. Mermaid wedding dresses are designed to be fitted on the bodice and hips,Bathing Suit Beach Dresses Swimsuit Cover Ups, and flare out into a trumpet shape at the knee. Mermaid wedding dresses are not great choices for all brides. For brides who have defective hips or have pear shaped figure, try not to choose this wedding dress style. For brides who have great curves, the mermaid dress style looks stunning on them. The mermaid wedding dress style is perfect for brides who want to make a grand entrance.

Ballerina Wedding Dresses

Ballerina wedding dress style is classic and elegant. It is fitted on the upper half of the body and contains a full skirt on the bottom portion of the dress. It has ethereal layers of netting will make any bride look as though she is practically floating on air. The feminine and ethereal nature of ballet inspired wedding dress is a pretty look on brides of all shapes and sizes. It is a gorgeous choice for a bride at any time of the year.

Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath wedding dress style is simple and elegant. A sheath dress is a dress that fits snug around the body and is usually within a few inches above or below the knees. It has defined waistline and a figure hugging silhouette, typically flattering on an hourglass figure. It is an ideal option for brides who want to get a classic elegant look.

Empire Waist Wedding Dresses

Empire waist wedding dress style is simple and sophisticated. It has raised waistline to be exactly next to the chest, making girls’ figures look much longer and slimmer. The incredible elegance and charm on empire waist wedding dresses make brides look like queens. It is ideal for brides with a small bust size, petite figure,Pokemon Go Hoodie Sweatshirt Women, or small waist line.

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Aug 12 2016

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Short wedding dresses are rising in popularity nowadays. Short wedding dresses have just the right elegant look with the proper touch of modernism. One can look eye catching gorgeous by wearing short wedding dresses. Many brides prefer the chic short wedding dresses for comfort, convenience and practical use. Short wedding dresses are very comfortable in walk in,Beach Cover Ups Skirts, dress in and reception. They are suitable for all types of wedding ceremonies and fulfill all your purposes. No wonder so many brides love short wedding dresses.

Short wedding dresses are much convenient than long wedding dresses. Short wedding dresses often cost less to purchase or make due to less material needed. A bride feels much freedom to move around and no long fears for tripping down in a short wedding dress. Short wedding dresses can really make your day a comfortable one.

The practical use of short wedding dresses is obvious. Short wedding dresses are suitable for all kinds of wedding ceremonies. For example, they are perfect for beach wedding. Long wedding dresses just don’t work as they get dirty with filth and dirt present upon the beach. Another advantage of short wedding dresses is that they can be worn both during and after the wedding ceremony. A lot of brides spend much money on a delicate long wedding dress with an equally long train for the church ceremony only to discover that it is not suitable to dance the night away in it at the post-wedding party. Well,Bathing Suit Beach Dresses Swimsuit Cover Ups, a short wedding dress can handle all these things easily.

Short wedding dresses can be just as stylish and lovely as long wedding dresses. They are beautiful in styles,Game Pokemon Go Men T-shirt, attractive in designs and affordable in prices. Plus if you want uniqueness and wish to garner attention then a short wedding dress is the best option for you.

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Jul 04 2016

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

Bridal veil is a lovely accent to the wedding dress. It clearly says, “This is where the bride”! To make the most of your veil,, you will need to choose a headpiece and hairstyle which complement it. These are some suggestions for a wedding hairstyles with veil to look beautiful and perfect for you.

Once you have the veil and gown worked, it was time to put the whole look together. In general, the veil you have, the bigger your hair style or great need. You do not want to end up looking like a bald lady swallowed up by a huge scarf! So if you have selected a veil with several tiers, for example,, choosing a wedding hairstyle which also has fullness and a strong presence. A sleek ultra modern bun would not hit the right note, whereas an updo with a bit of a bump it will be balanced with a fuller veil.

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Jun 23 2016

Wearing Your Wedding Hairstyles Down

It’s understandable that brides when being careful of the bridal look will need to generate a harmony by which all of the particulars incorporated will ultimately achieve to. Including the option of the wedding dress,, jewellery along with other add-ons together with the option of constitute and hair do. Should you look at this article this means that the decision is created: you’ll put on wedding hair do lower since you have discovered it right for your bridal appearance. When selecting this style you ought to have taken into consideration another factors which have make you this conclusion:

That the kind of your wedding dress and wedding style has determined the hair do. For those who have looked at one of many images displayed online, you’ll want seen that the majority of the brides prefer to put on their head of hair styled in various updos,, although you will find a number of them choosing the half up/half lower or short haircuts for his or her bridal look.

You’ve the duration of your hair (mostly the medium length hair) that cannot be styled otherwise compared to the lower style and embellish it with all of kind of hair add-ons or tiara which has the veil mounted on it,

For those who have however a lengthy hair flowing over shoulders, then your wedding hair do lower is mainly right for an intimate look along with a wedding dress that inspires this kind of preference. It is sometimes a pity to cover an attractive crown that develops naturally in a variety of forms. Even when it’s curly or wavy, the hair do could be patterned in compliance towards the texture of the hair and it is looks.

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Jun 23 2016

Tips For Wedding Dresses Shopping

Wedding dresses are of great importance to a wedding. And it matters directly with the beauty of a bride. However, it is not an easy task for a bride to select the suitable wedding dress that makes her look best. It entails much consideration and special care. But don’t worry you can always find one wedding dress to make you a perfect bride. Here are some tips to help you with your selection of wedding dresses.

You should first consider about the price of wedding dress. Some wedding dresses can be very expensive,, so try to choose them according to your budget. You won’t like to see a sack of bills after your wedding and regret that you have spent too much money on your wedding dress.

Then you should take the styles of wedding dresses into consideration. Try to look for wedding dresses in different dress shops,Replica watches, so that you will have some clues as to what you wish to wear on your wedding day. When choose the style of wedding dresses, you should think about your wedding theme, venue, date and season. You should decide whether it is a formal style or casual style of wedding dress. If you plan to have a beach wedding,Replica Watches, the traditional full gowns don’t work. And the beach wedding dresses or short wedding dresses can be ideal.

You should try on different wedding dresses before purchasing. It is suggestive to bring one or two person together with you and listen to their opinions selectively. A good wedding dress should compliment your skin color and your body figure. Of course,Top Sale Watches, it is also very comfortable to wear.

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