German Swiss watchmaking industry favorably technical level, actually. On several generations of people know,, horseshoe table and watch the most common is the German goods, not only verb. and durable. Practical, too, Germany could never be the world’s largest or most influential

Germany favorably Swiss watchmaking industry technical level, actually. On several generations of people know, horseshoe table and watch the most common is the German goods, not only verb. and durable. Practical, too, Germany could never be the world’s largest or most influential watchmaking industrial center, but it definitely is the first production of watches in the world. 1530, Nuremberg, Germany locksmith PeterHenlein produced the world’s first pocket watch. Before 100 years, the German watchmaking industry has been booming and Saxony in Germany but also in the early nineteenth century as the world’s important watchmaking city. War and political reasons that successful performance of the watchmaking industry in Germany almost disappeared, until the last century, 90 years, that she Nirvana rebirth watchmaking industry, the world watch market recover their lost throne. ***

Born exhaustive

destroyed in the war. ***

lies a small village “Glashütte” Glashutt early villagers living mostly in silver mining, the source of the story from the 15th century, we must talk about. Germany and the Czech northeastern border Muglitz valley. Glashutt German The intent is “bright metal hut” hutofshinimetal mean. But with the depletion of silver reserves, poverty after another, forced livelihoods of residents rallied to the local government to request assistance. At that time,REPLICA TUDOR – PELAGOS 25500TN MEN WATCH, a local court watchmaker born Freddie male. Adolf Lango (FerdinandAdolphLang noted the dilemma of the villagers, the determination to realize his dream for many years. Had traveled to Europe to learn watchmaking skills, the government allocated with Saxony a loan, December 7, 1845 in the creation of the first production Glashütte watches workshop A.Lang & Cie and began to train local workers and farmers to switch production of silver watches living. was the main objective to helping local unemployed due to the shrinkage of mineral miners can successfully change jobs to make a living, but which unexpectedly created the later Germany’s largest watch industry in 1868, Freddie male. Adolf Lango’s son Richard (Richard and Emil ( Emil has joined the company and renamed A.Lang & Sohn ***

19 th century, “the late 1800s. Glashütte watch industry in full swing, when over Germany’s most famous watchmakers like JuliuAssmannAdolfSchneiderLudwigStrasser and GustavRohd, who are brought together to set up factories here and watch. In addition, the relevant parts industries such case, pointer, balance wheel and other factories have also established, laying a solid foundation for the development solid watch industry, Glashutte finally become the hub of German precision watch industry,TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2014.FC6235 Watch, the production of clock, stand clock, pocket watch , watches and navigational instruments, industrial instrumentation sold in Germany, continental and even as far away as China. ***

most practical to produce the most precise clocks,

really hit Glashütte end of World War II, “really hit Glashütte end of World War II. Is recognized by the Allies due to local Nazi military base who were watches and instruments turns violent bombing, many tasks factory was razed to the ground. After the war, Glashutte attribution pursued socialist East Germany, while the Soviet troops stationed in the rear, and the demolition of most of the remnants of the tabulation equipment will be shipped the Soviet Union. 19451951, between, Glashütte region also has seven surviving watch factory, including A.Lang & SohnFelixEstlerMetechnikLiwoFeintechnikUhren-Rohwerke-FabrikGlashutt and UhrenfabrikGlashutt so on. By 1951, the East German authorities in order to develop the socialist economy, they put all of these seven Glashütte watch factory is a merger of state-owned enterprise called VEBGlashuttUhrenbetriebGUB. After a few decades, Glashütte almost completely isolated from the Western world, the watch factory has 2000 employees, the main task is simple and practical annual production of one hundred thousand watches offer Eastern bloc countries. ***


ashes, “from the ashes. The same strain ***

unexpected turning point in the history of watchmaking in Glashütte also to bring great opportunity. Among them, in 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1990 to achieve reunification of Germany. Table fans, of course, the most talked about non-A.Lang & Sohn rebirth and ZTE perfectly. But behind the scenes hand is born in 1924, Glashütte watchmaking lineal descendants of the ancestor FerdinandAdolphLang grandson Walter Lango (WalterLang1990 to GUB was established LangUhrenGmbH purchased A.Lang & Sohn trademark rights. Then IWC CEO GunterBlumlein assistance under the ashes A.Lang & Sohn comeback in 1994 after the launch of its first watch, which is the most legendary contemporary color watch one Langl ***

and A.Lang & Sohn different marching pace,

1994, the <1994. Born in the Bavarian entrepreneur Heinz Pfeiffer (HeinzW.Pfeiffer have invested in GUB further its privatization, and personally served as general manager. Feffer original operating a high-tech medical equipment, a market with plenty of dedication and sensitivity operators. took over, visionary finds traditional Glashütte watchmakers producing precision practical watches, and its unique German-style, will provide people outside the Swiss Haute Horlogerie an alternative, which is to enter the German watch golden global market prices machine.




year after, “the private sector in one year. Pfeiffer will always change all GUB products engraved GlashuttOringin ie ‘Glashütte Original’ meaning) words, in order to highlight its original watch is inherited Glashutt orthodox craft products. In addition, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Glashütte watch factory plant, especially introduced to Glashütte watchmaking history’s most famous watchmakers one-uliuAssmann tribute calendar tourbillon limited form JuliuAssmann1 this complex global limited 25 performance Its unique design tables can be used as either a pocket watch, or you can put into a special strap watch worn on the base after the hand. ***

JuliuAssmann1 launch blockbuster,

Glashütte watchmaking uphold the tradition,

and A.Lang & Sohn joined Richemont Group Glashütte GlashuttOrigin same step earlier in 2000 officially joined another hostile Watch Group SwatchGroup compared to Ko Chang with “independent” banner independent watch brand,


two or three years by the GlashuttOrigin stunning PanoRetrograph other PanoD series of new watches published opinion, “two or three years by the GlashuttOrigin stunning PanoRetrograph etc. PanoD series of new watches published opinion. Face the challenges ahead, GlashuttOrigin indeed has not deterred, but more big step forward towards continued to watch the top of the pyramid side ahead. GlashuttOrigin confidence certainly not without strength to fantasy, currently the world’s only remaining RolexJLCZenithGirard-Perregaux and GlashuttOrigin five brands can fully utilizing self-produced movement. The Glashütte to quality requirements, but also even more otherness, no wonder HeinzPfeiffer confident to say: the image will be rigorous, Germany-based play, and increase the proportion of complex performance, production will not significantly increased, but the value will continue to rise . ***

GlashuttOrigin after joining the Swatch Group,

Glashütte platinum double-barrel chronograph watch in the international magazine “Readers’ Choice favorite time chronograph won the first place. Traditional “Handmade in Germany” fine watchmaking,


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foreword: among this bustling metropolis there namely a special team of folk they worship the weird blue, eager apt experience revise self; while others are thick timetable,go meeting long boring Entertainment

this is full of challenge and the passion of sport namely becoming speed up prevailing,within China CITIZEN diving praised among the earth has all been a vocational diving athletes and fans. In recent years. Become fashionable urban recreational sports. However,Richard Mille Watches, diving namely also a quite professional amusement,need apt have professional equipment for advocate CITIZEN the company uphold the technology and combination of magnetism”product development philosophy, light stamina water world of fashion and vocational into an to become the best partner folk Xunyou Lan Sheng water globe elegance shop bargain

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has a special group of folk the hustle and bustle of the country Love weird blue,Hermès Arceau Watches, eager to experience alter ego when others are thick schedule,work meeting long boring celebration are never overwhelmed,merely noiselessly away from the hustle and bustle of the countryside the silence water and fish dance, this namely the metropolis pith namely gradually popular scuba diving.refinement shop bargain

context In September 27, 2008, has been by the forefront of fashion international watch brand CITIZEN in Qingdao Huiquan Bay of the beauteous bay held into the blue time traveling “diving experience,equitable surrounded Chinese listed CITIZEN diving table light energy water world with its stylish appearance and professional function according the medium and professional diving adviser invariable applause chance activities within the clear star. known because”water sports capital Qingdao namely the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with the countryside, the atmosphere namely clean.elegance shop bargain

designed for diving enthusiasts chart After entering the water, the scuba diving watch immediately from the usual phase status namely automatically converted to a diving state along sensors, automatic measurement and recording water depth, water temperature and the diving time the minute hand namely automatically adjusted to the 12 point location,handy divers surrounded the water lull master time Ping An of phase management. Light stamina water earth can disc 20 swoop data, CITIZEN optical kinetic stamina of water amid the earth is the 1st with a simulated depth indicator optical kinetic energy watches. Including diving diving appointment begin time,Audemars Piguet New Watches,highest depth, the minimum temperature and total swoop period Chinese diving co >

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only 14 -year-old Fran? ois-PaulJourn already admitted to the local clock school. There he discovered the endless horizons and watch the world treasure, born in Marseille . Create table a little bit of knowledge and eclectic . Then Fran? Ois-PaulJourn where he completed his studies

only 14 -year-old Fran? ois-PaulJourn already admitted to the local clock school. There he discovered the endless horizons and watch the world treasure, born in Marseille . Create table a little bit of knowledge and eclectic .

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then Fran? ois-PaulJourn where he completed his studies ,Breitling Watches, but the real change comes from Paris . Then follow his uncle became a apprentice. Antique clocks serving famous watchmaker restoration shop is located centrally SaintGermain-des-Près most experienced customer will be superior collections entrusted to him for repair. Fran? Ois-PaulJourn on where to find the watch delight of the most scared to Heaven ‘s masterpiece, and recourse predecessors in the conception and production process of the wisdom and philosophy ,PANERAI Boutique Editions Watches, scientist, inventor and master clocks are reference object . Have the opportunity to step into the field of this remarkable creation of the mechanical heart ,hublot arturo fuente replica, feel a sense of superiority , and in the coming years to continue his tremendous surprise and shock.

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Pearl is not longer a simple Pearl watches are not longer equitable timepiece tools. In 2004, with watches plus jewellery show eminent general namely personal flavor Since archaic times with incomparable splendor to

Sintra Superjubil with diamond inlaid Bracelet

discern is not longer equitable timepiece tools. In 2004,jewelry namely no longer a cozy Pearl watches plus jewellery. Combined with the prevalent is the current total personal taste

diamond has been the eternal bright only role This daily since antique times with incomparable radiance and perfect hardness. Diamond again to re embark the jewelry mall stage,plus also represent timeless timepiece with every additional With this belief Rado headquarters to develop chronometer plus decorative performance desk section – Sintra Superjubil é with diamond-inlaid Bracelet “the best drilling stars”, high-tech ceramics namely not easy apt dress and pure rare diamond, a very classical results caused according Seiko look

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Superjubil é with diamond-inlaid Bracelet Silver drill order”the best drilling stars”: 100 diamonds shine polished plus great manner of

has been modified several times after radar desk Sintra silver drill array has been well received forward the market Since its bombard within 1993,richard mille skull watch replica. Silver drill array of increasingly show concise elegance. Last year the 1st silver drill array jewelry desk subsequently the publication of the reverberate so this year once again launched a altitude refinement form with www.lvrolexshopping,PANERAI Boutique Editions
Mulian junction with

platinum gloss also is studded with the same grade diamond, Superjubil é with diamond inlaid Bracelet “the best drilling stars”. In addition apt the original case aboard either sides with twice top diamond. Let the bracelet plus circumstance with >

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this article published within Stephen man blog aboriginal penetrate history: 1656 Holland prominent physicist Huygens used Galileo discovered “side oscillation” principle,replica richard mille 050 tourbillion, the first successful among business history the 1st pendulum clock,start the computation phase forward mechanical utensil

this anecdote published surrounded Stephen man blog aboriginal

discern history: 1656 Holland noted physicist Huygens acclimate Galileo discovered “side oscillation” principle, the 1st successful amid business history the 1st pendulum clock,begin the computation period by mechanical apparatus By the middling of the nineteenth Century many countries began to make watches,within 1868 the French watchmaker Patek Philippe and Poland reached two folk CO produced the world’s first penetrate because Hungary a noble woman.

reproduced] Watch – men’s preference discern brand Bulova, the trend and fashionable situation: among the modern social life form is not longer a luxury With the an table phenomenon has become increasingly popular folk among the pursuance of the see namely not longer satisfied with the timing function of a solo but wish is through watchcase modeling the myriads of changes,turntable blueprint forms,to expand the coverage of the function desk join the penetrate elegant savor,acquaint it become a kind of can reflect the personality reflected the identity of the fashion Pearl

watch type
(upper) mechanical watch

mechanical look namely one of the maximum versed watch everyone, powered mechanical look on look movement winding spring.

mechanical characteristics: does not absence batteries, long service life,exact peregrination duration peregrination period can be regulated action velocity
quartz look

quartz penetrate a current generation is the use of electronic technology of automatic chronograph penetrate


features: exact quartz penetrate Battery life is long (2-4 years). Ultrathin, super light.

mechanical automatic table desk
synthetic kinetic energyThe

use case automatic rotation apt pedal the cordless stamina and use IC to control the arsenal of stamina Need apt reserve stamina using customary wrist motion,hublot arturo fuente replica. Www.biao>

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OMEGA “Pékin 2008 exclusive 8 collection” série de transaction 9,van cleef jewelry replica.620.000 dollars de Hong Kong qui s’est tenue à Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Su Fubi “vente aux enchères de montres de luxe“, OMEGA Su Fubi pour OMEGA “NorthDon ‘ t

cette vente aux enchères de charité significative deviendra une autre borne kilométrique importante OMEGA légende olympique dans l’histoire de.

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620, OMEGA de «Beijing 2008 exclusive 8 collection” série de transaction 9 dollars de Hong Kong

OMEGA Su Fubi pour OMEGA «Beijing 2008 exclusive 8 collection” série de vente aux enchères caritative. Enfin, l’OMEGA était de commémorer les Jeux Olympiques de Beijing 2008 le calendrier spécifié et lancé compose de série de collection de 35 heures à 9, qui s’est tenue à Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, “la vente aux enchères de montres de luxe” de Sotheby. Victoire vendu 620000 $ HK. Les profits seront versés à la caisse de l’éducation des athlètes chinois.


(OMEGA) dans l’hippocampe de fer PA 2892 par l’arrière ceinture montre Casual

se compose de 35 mètres, OMEGA pour commémorer la marque a reçu les Jeux Olympiques de Beijing 2008 le calendrier spécifié et a lancé une série de la seule et unique. Inclus dans le compte à rebours des Jeux Olympiques de Pékin, lors du lancement de la 32 OMEGA poignet “Série olympique de Beijing”, et trois médailles d’or précieux OMEGA 1932 réplique rattrapante calendrier de montre de l’Observatoire. Toutes les montres nombre limité est huitième. Le noyer noir coffret 35 montres en or soigneusement placé dans l’élégant esthétique radicale, la forme ressemble à une pagode chinoise,patek philippe 7121, il est donc appelé la série “pagode”. Toutes les montres sont seulement jusqu’à 8 ans de service de garantie globale d’honneur.

OMEGA a annoncé la vente aux enchères seront reversés à la athlètes fonds pour l’éducation de la Chine, pour la prise en charge complète de tremblement de terre du Sichuan cette année l’influence de l’adolescent. Afin de soutenir sa mise en œuvre dans la région de Sichuan de pluie aire de jeux plan ». programme de pluie de jeux »vise à aider les élèves à sortir de l’ombre de la catastrophe à travers des activités sportives et de l’équipe. La vente aux enchères de Sotheby OMEGA partenaire fera également don des recettes de vente locale au fonds, pour soutenir.



Longines Weems seconds set watch: flight household enlightenment for years, Longines has been accompanied along many flight forerunner buffet the gifted achievements, so the mark vi likewise wing hourglass apt memorize And constantly

uses the vogue blueprint namely masculine,bazaar4uwatch, the launch of the present Longines Weem seconds set penetrate Built-in automatic winding mechanical operation vigor storage as up to 46 hours. Circular iron case diameter 47.50 mm broad white silver hub turntable tin be synchronized with the radio.

Longines Weem seconds set watch: flight home to enlightenment as

Longines has been accompanied along numerous flight forerunner record the glorious achievements,for many years. Therefore the jot vi likewise wing hourglass to memorize From period to phase plus efforts apt migrate before the pursuit of innovation plus absolute spirit who likewise promotes the mark constantly impossible and challenges associated with the nominate of. In 1929, Philip van Horn captain Weem invented the invention Weem navigation system slight apt penetrate through the rotating bezel alternatively main advent with the scale of minutes marginal with telegram telecommunication second synchronization without adjusting the pointer. Until 80 years later Longines launched a present Weem seconds to set the mechanical penetrate the advent of custody chief rotating inner ring,within the invention and its inventor Memorial and tribute.

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Shanghai desk known as the “China 1st desk was once a generation goal. This was nativity in 1955, the age brand of watches, left too many stories in the Chinese consumer memory”Investigation”aboard the Shanghai mark report shows, Shanghai mark watchesTable

Shanghai, known because the “China 1st desk was once a generation goal. This was nativity among 1955, the old jot of watches, left also numerous stories amid the Chinese consumer memory”Investigation”on the Shanghai mark report sh

Shanghai desk known as the “China 1st desk was once a generation goal. This was nativity in 1955, the age brand of watches, left too many stories in the Chinese consumer memory”Investigation”aboard the Shanghai mark report shows, Shanghai mark watchesTable

Shanghai, known because the “China 1st desk was once a generation goal. This was nativity among 1955, the old jot of watches, left also numerous stories amid the Chinese consumer memory”Investigation”on the Shanghai mark report shows, Shanghai brand watches respondents mentioned rate ranked the altitude three, showing its influence depth.

Shanghai see apt return the luxury mark servant discern brands,domestic see brand rankings calm as a long duration the Shanghai brand watches afresh as the Shanghai Expo. During the Expo, the Shanghai mark watches because the old nominate exhibitors. In the Shanghai mark watches backup exhibitors occupied wind geography,plus

days: Chinese mark discern consumption bullish. Under the affect of universal financial crisis servant and alien brand watches accessory optimistic about the strong consumption market China. On the manufacturing class China has contingency the manufacturing globe see industry’s largest, China look industry to industry chain and the comparable avail of its complete according the international classic brand recognition.

location: 30 years from the last century apt the early 80’s, Shanghai has been Chinese jot are. Permanent, Shanghai,Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic replica, hero…… These versed brands once brilliant 50 years. In the Expo offers a accident to show the earth the Shanghai brand watches,richard mille reprotion watch,want once afresh the old Shanghai memory

and: Shanghai discern Co.surrounded recent years began to re jot positioning within the high-end see mall Shanghai Watch Industry Co Ltd has launched 100000 yuan one of Shanghai mark watches,finite edition of 50 plus sold out. 18 carat gold watchcase, sapphire glass crocodile leather belt this look is native shell surface is the brain yet the real money is exposed aboard the surface, independently developed by Shanghai Tourbillon behavior of production,servant watches very tiny grasp of the. Tourbillon action known as the jewelry on the hat of the look manufacturing technology”, composed of surplus than 70 fine component,maximum depend aboard Handmade,numerous of the key components of thin chronicle light for a feather Because of very high technical difficulty since the birth of Tourbillon technology as surplus than two centuries by the European watchmaking division alone. Today,while folk amid Shanghai must buy the world outstanding mark watches, who travelled to Shanghai to quest Shanghai brand Vintage watches.

World Expo,Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile watches, Shanghai notable age table the classic image again touched consumers,along day geography,plus started the luxury brand,folk rub one’s eyes plus await.

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Frederique Constant 24 Silicium Frederique Constant Tourbillon watch movement made since the 2008 Baselworld on self-movement with a tourbillon blockbuster ,replica rolex yachtmaster model 116680, it seems that love with the world astonished. This time, the world’s first 24 Frederique Constant With silicon-based homemade Tourbillon

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Frederique Constant Tourbillon 24 silicon-based self-movement watches Frederique Constant

Since the 2008 Baselworld on self-movement with a tourbillon blockbuster , it seems that love on the world astonished. This time Frederique Constant With the world’s first – 24 silicon-based self-movement Tourbillon watch, pocketed the world ‘s second surprise . Front of this 24 Silicium Tourbillon watch is based on the self-movement Frederique Constant winning “Heartbeat self-movement ” as the prototype created , the entire table body total 208 components. Siliceous and lever escapement , Frederique Constant balancing device patented Smart heavier , 28’800 BpH speed swing week , as well as individual numbers tourbillon frame ,van cleef alhambra talisman watch, these are exclusively Frederique Constant unique innovative technology, it is because innovative spirit that makes the show again in Geneva Frederique Constant took everyone’s eye . Frederique Constant in Xinyu Hendry became the exclusive agent an anniversary ,replica van cleef watch, Beijing Xinyu Elegant Wangfujing flagship store opened one year anniversary on sale beginning this table .

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summer beware of Pearl apt cause damage dermatitis summer dress jewelry: Pearl watches the news is the maximum common problem with contact dermatitis. Chromium, nickel Pearl namely allergic contact dermatitis surrounded recent years, the most common,and allergic women of chromium and nickel was almost men

summer beware of Pearl occasion dermatitis

summer clothe Pearl hazards:

see the newspaper wearing jewelry is the maximum common problem with contact dermatitis. Chromium, nickel jewelry namely allergic contact dermatitis in recent years, the highest common,and allergic women of chromium and nickel was virtually 10 times of the male In Chinese patients with skin ailment deserving to clothe Pearl and caused dermatitis accounted as 9.3%, common ornaments such as rings, earrings,Replica Panerai Collection Historique-Luminor Base PAM 00114 Watch, necklaces, bracelets, watches,plus the glasses border underwear, scarf buckle containing metal wire chromium plus nickel,aspiration acquaint direct contact with the skin inflammation. The main manifestations of itching plus burning, erythema, papules, erosion plus additional local,afterward continual scratching caused chronic,rough skin hardens,serious while still tin form a secondary infection of ulcers, asthma alternatively urticaria plus other diseases.

discern the newspaper summer beware of Pearl occasion dermatitis,within addition, containing radioactive elements may also occasion radioactive contamination; jewelry such as gold Pearl can not only occasion skin allergy tin also cause radiation injury of skin. This is for some radioactive elements, polonium plus radium, such as cobalt,Richard Mille 052 rose gold, Jin Gongsheng mine,amid the mining, smelting process, a small total of radioactive elements will be left amid the jewelry causing radioactive pollution. We must disburse attention apt its quality plus accordingly purchase gold jewelry

experts stressed: the ring position is never easy to neat,aspiration be the breeding of bacteria. British microbiologists had 50 ms long wearing a gold ring with a bacteriological investigation of five months, the digit of bacteria they found wearing a ring chapter is 9 times higher than does not clothes the ring parts. In addition, the ring was too firm affect finger blood circulation,tin also occasion finger deformity.

adept reminder: summer clothe Pearl cause dermatitis,replica Breguet Type XX Collection Watches, so choose Pearl ought be less with silver, nickel chromium alloy jewelry Allergic constitution, especially the physical scars or newborn don’t dress metal accessories. The summer sweating,ought never clothes Pearl The ring namely unfavorable too firm don’t use the narrative winding ring. To avert forever daytime clothes Pearl form the night off jewelry accustomed Do never clothes jewelry night, one is apt make the skin a vacation two tin acquaint the radiation source on the human body namely reduced along half. Some folk siesta also idle apt stud earrings plus other ornaments removed, this inevitably ambition sting ear skin; also some folk nap favor wearing a penetrate which namely never conducive to arm blood circulation; aboard the other hand,if the see is luminous, fluorescent radioactive,aspiration cause apt the body. >