Basel Watch Fair brand situation two days

        Basel Watch Fair in completely different brand name, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch in March 26th,, Basel watches the opening, the global watch industry all the big brand manufacturers noted several debut, in the context of the financial crisis, the world’s top watch brand sales decline the minimum, while the low-end brands are under enormous pressure, some developers simply give up the domestic table. In March 26th, SEIKO Basel watch fair.     Basel Watch Fair is known as "the luxury of Oscar", this point does not leave. In the main hall, the top brands exhibition contests, a superb collection of beautiful things of watches to glow, completely unable to find the shadow of the economic crisis. Responsible for claims to be the world’s most expensive watches brand Swiss a Patek Philippe people say without mincing words said,, they have no impact on the economic crisis. She even half make fun of to say: "we worry about is not over, it’s a good thing the demand less." If this word, let those in low brand manufacturers will call her to hear, "I do not know starving eat chinese". Because the other room only separated by a wall inside, some small brand booth is a deserted house., show only.   Fiyta manufacturing China space table Patek Philippe beautiful clock       in fact,, this is not beyond all expectations, are displayed in a few days ago released statistics, in February the Swiss watch exports fell by 22.4% year on year. This among them, more than 3000 Swiss luxury watch the smallest decline, of about 6.6%, 50 Swiss francs following low-grade products drop about 20-30%, and the price is between 500 to 3000 Swiss francs mid-range watches fell by half. Bive of president of second-line brand luxury Swiss Hublot table field recently in an interview with local media said, Hengbao fell 10% in the first two months of this year sales, what is worse, because sales have encountered cash difficulties, Hengbao difficult to withdrawal from circulation of funds. He also said, the watch industry is facing restructuring, vendors for don’t sell a good brand will quickly lose confidence, some small brands may die.   OMEGA watches show Hamilton watch display       once renowned Swiss watch now encounter cold, so to lower prices in Europe and America market Chinese brand and how? In order to Asian exhibitors as No. 6 exhibition hall, reporters found that many booths are empty. From the data provided by the organizers can be seen in this year, from Asian exhibitors than last year is reduced by 20%. The brand Fiyta’s biggest China mainland exhibitors of a responsible person said, the recent period of time from Europe and the United States orders fell sharply, so many domestic manufacturers have abandoned the exhibition. However, as the production of "China space first" outstanding national brand, Fiyta has its own "ambition", the responsible person said, Europe and some small brands will not resist the impact of the economic crisis.