Cartire men’s limited edition of 20 only desirable enchanting

        Cartire enchanting men watch limited edition of 20 only desirable brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   has a long historical origin and aircraft movements of the Cartire (CARTIER) Santos series,, this year not only to the large size of the square case as the carrier to shine jewelry, but will dial design to form the dynamic of a different picture, so bold men is enchanting, variance. Santos Triple 100 inherited past new in order to be different traditional style, with new forms of shocked the dial watch industry. This is a very unique exclusive device 3D watch — Santos Triple 100. The first uses a combination of a rotary dial device of hollow core, the built-in 18K rotating prism. As long as the rotating crown can replace 3 different designs of the dial, make a watch showing 3 different style. It is a classic Cartire Rome digital, can also be white and black diamond drill alternated between the checkerboard pattern, more can be Diaogong fine tiger pattern. Santos Triple 100 wrist watch has a flexible face,, the crown while rotating the built-in 18K platinum movable prism in the small gear system driven by starting at any time, dial can gradually change direction, to show the traditional reading, tiger, black sapphire surface and other three kinds of different style,, is one of the watches this table show the most interesting. Santos Triple 100 is studded with a total weight of 7.6 carats of diamonds. Dense inlaid diamond, it is not just the surface of Kung Fu, movement, hollow, carving and assembly are Handmade, have 72 hours of power reserve, launched only 20. Limited edition of 20 only, each can be engraved with the independent number.