China luxury consumption in 2015 will account for 32% of the total global share of the rise of great

        Chinese luxury consumption in 2015 will account for 32% of the total global share of the rise of the great powers watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   the World Luxury Association data show, in 2007 the Chinese luxury market scale reached 8000000000 yuan, accounting for the global market share reached 18%. Why the people of luxury consumption trend of heat?       "five one" during the holidays, many city of gold, jewelry consumption are significant warming. Especially red wedding market, more driven by the diamond, Bo Jin, gold jewelry sales.       at present,, the annual demand of China’s gold jewelry has been more than 300 tons, becoming India the world’s second largest gold jewelry consumer after. The World Luxury Association released data show, 2007, not including private planes and yachts, jewelry, clothing,, leather goods China, perfumes and other luxury goods consumption has reached 8000000000 US dollars, accounted for the global luxury goods consumer market share 18%. The next few years, the size of this market will continue to maintain growth.       held in April this year 2008 Chinese (Shanghai) International Boat Show, also confirms this trend. More than 90 participating yachts are almost found buyers. Among them, a length of 16.5 meters, offer 14000000 yuan of Atlantis luxury yachts are on the spot to order.       it is understood, at present, the world recognized the top luxury brands, about 80% has entered the China market. In their first appearance in the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show luxury roadster Bugatti, despite the price more than 20000000 yuan, but soon received orders Chinese buyers. = the World Luxury Association forecast,, to 2015,, China luxury consumption share in the global market in the luxury consumption will reach about 32%