Longines standard series of classic return

        Longines flag series of classic on the watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,http://www.watch4usale.com, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Longines classic flag series since its launch in 1957, its unique elegant and exquisite watchmaking technology, has been well received by people around the world. The re launch of the series, retains all the traditional characters, but also add more diversified choice: Unisex watch, leather or metal bracelet, quartz, automatic or highly accurate calendar movement etc.. Return to the series will be able to meet the pursuit of elegant watch watch enthusiasts. Since its launch in 1957, the Longines watch the series soon won the world attention,www.vipwatchmall.com, became the fashion index. Its delicate beautiful case with Longines’s famous L30 manual winding mechanical movement and L380 automatic mixing machine, both of which can affect bear strong impact and shock and resist the magnetic field. The series of return, not only uphold the past tradition,http://www.finest-swiss-watch.com, also started the trend watch of the future, was really exciting. Add a new element, make the new flag series more in line with the twenty-first Century consumer tastes. Longines watch design talent and test the duo Tiangong timepiece get confirm again. The merits of slender bright flag series adopts steel manufacturing, bright is dazzing. Table frame design uphold classical design standard series, round table groove surface meticulous, surface engraved with the sail flag pattern or show the automatic mixing mechanical movement transparent crystal surface, is also very pleasantly surprised, too. A white, grey or black three kinds of color to prepare surface decorated with unique moment, even has a large two pin or three pin options. In addition, the mini type style all models are equipped with a calendar display window. Various kinds of the series, will be able to meet the world different people taste. The series has mini to men’s chronograph watch 5 different styles, unisex. Watch with leather belt or bright strip two choices, and with three folding spring clasp, the consolidation of security. In the technical aspects of the series of the same rise above the common herd, except quartz movement or automatic mixing mechanical movement, more rarely introduced automatic mixing models of women, will be like watch Lady welcome. The series of more special to create automatic mixing chronograph watch, watch home to meet fans and enthusiastic pursuit of the traditional classic timepiece. Longines excel technology confirmed: very high precision convergence extraordinary and advanced technology,www.watchonhere.com, Longines created using highly accurate quartz movement in the series, temperature compensation function very exquisite plus (Thermo-compensation) system, every eight seconds automatically compensate temperature regulation, the clock accuracy is greatly improved. Highly accurate movement (Very High Precision) can provide up to 1 years less than the time of 10 seconds, ensure the accuracy of the time. Highly accurate model more with calendar function, can automatically adjust the leap year day until 2099. With the accumulation of rich experience in international markets and to the Department of.