Rolex oyster perpetual watch giant Explorer II seldom appears

        Rolex oyster perpetual watch giant Explorer II rarely appear "accidental" brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch model 16550, was made in 1987, product phase is good, dual time zone, stainless steel case, rotary table the back and crown, ivory white dial, cal.3085 rhodium plated movement,, shock absorber lever escapement,, case diameter 40 mm. Comment: for this table using the ivory white dial, most people still think it is Rolex a little "mistakes" caused in the production, design the original Rolex is white dial. May also be because of this reason, the watch was sold is not much, it is because of this reason, the only result of this watch in the current market popular momentum, collectors are collecting the clock giants rarely appear "accidental fall over each other to". After all, life appear trite and insignificant days long,, everyone needs some "unexpected" surprise to adjust — of course, "unexpected" and "blow". The financial tsunami makes some people downhearted at the same time, also give more people to inject a needle stimulants. The reality is that,, even in this grim economic situation there is still a lot to clinch a deal price table, the tsunami "goers" or no lack of such people. Rolex oyster perpetual Explorer II $10000-15000 $10200 valuation prices