The limit speed and passion of the tag heuer

        limit the speed and passion of the TAG Heuer Watch Brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches it flashed in the GT racing engine inspiration, it inherited the Calera classic series of DNA, it has full of passion dynamic cardiac CalibreRS automatic movement – the first equipped with rotary system indicators of mechanical watch, it is wise to excellent function to the traditional provocation, its luxury not publicity, it is the speed and passion produced in Switzerland’s symbolic TAG Heuer Grand-CARRERA! The famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) Grand CARRERA special DNA deconstruction TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA inspired by modern GT racing spirit. DNA genetic it since its birth in 1964 – Yakalaila classic series. The new battle TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA has rotation system with GT racing engine for inspiration, to replace the traditional pointer by the disc, more clearly display information on the dial. TAG Heuer CalibreRS movement contains a plurality of movement, from the mechanical watch movement is the most simple and classic, to complex mechanical chronograph movement. Rotation system indicator that a user can easily read the small second hand,, second time zones, timer, as if into the cockpit general quickly and stick out a mile to get the required information. TAG Heuer GrandCarrera_Cal7 Grand CARRERA racing passion since 1860,, TAG Heuer has become the timing technology benchmarking, TAG Heuer is one of the most long-term contact with Swiss watch brand and racing. Legend TAG Heuer CARRERA series starting from the repair station and clearing of the circuit. It is still the continuation, to become one of the main driving force behind the brand today. Everything from the beginning of 1962, the tag heuer fourth generation descendant of the family Jack Heuer (Jack · tag heuer) as Sebring12 hour road race time officer,, he met two talented young riders: the Rodriguez brothers. They tells the story of a legendary event to him the most difficult: Highway CARRERA Mexico Pan American road racing professional racing world championship. He was immediately attracted by the name of Calera, in his words,, it is "dynamic, elegant, in any language can express clearly, also full of passion". In 1964, he launched the first under the name CARRERA watch. Since then, it has always been popular, is now one of the most representative series of TAG Heuer, the best-selling. TAG Heuer GrandCARRERA is a continuation of the CARRERA series, the CARRERA racing passion into the twenty-first Century, the infinite energy wild gallop in the life of the track!