American RGM open independent tabulation Road

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1969 years RGM published the first gold American producing mechanical movement,, and also announced in the Lancaster town of Pennsylvania state (here was born many famous America watch brand) homemade case. In fact, USA local watchmaker generally from the Eurasian procurement case and other parts, only a few USA Manufacturers Association in the local procurement of parts. RGM is currently the only one using American USA watchcase,, watch brand American movement. sevenfriday watch replica

                case RGM is the first self-produced in 151 series, and later 151P and 151E use RGM produced from the case. Now, RGM is promoting its first homemade titanium watchcase watch, also 151 series. The next step, case RGM will develop a 42 mm, to match the self-made manual movement of Caliber 801. sevenfriday watch replica

                RGM is proud to walk on the road of independent tabulation,, and for domestic brands and proud! sevenfriday watch replica