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Shanghai Plaza store opening of

, the world’s top watch and jewelry brand to count in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store carefully reforming, recently re opened grandly, became Earl brand in mainland China first direct stores. The new opening of the Earl of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store through the global synchronization of brand new and distinguished refined personalized service, demonstrated its unique brand of charm to the pursuit of quality of life of the high-end.

store design, elegant luxury

new opening of the Earl of Hang Lung Plaza store covers an area of 127 square meters, the whole environment store permeability, stick out a mile, the guests into the shop can fully feel the store of the elegant environment. To expand the store area,, using very large counter gives guests a better browsing space, so that each a jewelry and watches have been fully show. Store music light, subtle fragrance flows, let guests like in Gong Dianzhong.

display area, exquisite luxury

entered the store,, crystal display cabinets and showing Jewelry & watches boutique like nature itself — highest quality, beautiful very feel excited. Store the extraordinary design is embodied in every detail. The back cabinet enhance the original height, and the cabinet by the original superficial veneer into deep veneer, so by comparing the cabinet in the strong light irradiation, the more prominent the count watch and jewelry luxurious; booth light soft and transparent, be strict in one’s demands to express every cut faceted gemstone flawless; rational use of the sales area height field landmarks, creating a more independent, private communication environment, let the guests to bring in this secluded corner of exclusive count treasures pleasure and private distinguished service.

classic treasures,, full debut

new opening stores, more the count’s classic series table section and elegant jewelry series. One symbol of the brand legendary classic Piaget polo,, use the original appearance of the classic dial, automatic movement 800p, restrained in showing different elegant style of movement; exquisite miss Protocole series show ever shining personality traits, will be just perfect female charming Sexy Soul into the unique innovation, favored by women; jewelry series, possession as Piaget jewelry star series, >