OMEGA Top watches and fruit color can mix and match

        OMEGA: Top watches and fruit color can mix and match watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   Stephen · Ou Kehua served as senior in Jaeger Le Coulter, and other well-known brand Blancpain table, now as the global president of OMEGA, can be said to his occupation career is almost with watch together. So he can criticize Bond’s watch is too complicated, resolutely put top watches and various fruit color can mix and match.         61 year old Ou Kehua because the attendance important situation, so in Western dress and leather shoes, but his shirt is lovely pink,Ap watches, wearing orange ocean universe strap watches, make him a bit unruly.         ou KELONG isn’t kind, his grim faces and sharp eyes, a picky, arrogant, examine, insight, judgment all signal. Yes, Stephen · Ou Kehua didn’t need a kind, as the total rudder Lord international most famous watch brand OMEGA, he has the right of defiance. He need not have patience to watch people who know nothing at all the questions, but he still patiently, repeat the answer about like OMEGA and Chinese consumer market problems, these problems he don’t know the answer for many times, but there is no way, who let OMEGA carry all before one in the China watch market — Chinese sales growth in 2006 rate of more than 25%, sales index rose more than 15%, more than 20% market share,, OMEGA said sales in Chinese sum equivalent to Rolex, Longines and radar.           interview that day, KELONG has not been able to participate in the European model 8500/8501 movement of the conference, the plane was late, he could only while an interview, while eating.           but, before this, he first half hour finishing regardless their image in the room: that day, he is wearing a dark grey striped suit, looks very formal,, very conservative, but there is a very tender and very tender pink shirt, hand playing with a pair of straw green sheet glasses, wrist worn and not the new disc fly Hour  Vision watch, but the 2005 launch of marine space (PlanetOcean) orange strap, this wipe the shiny orange with grass green, pink, let Ou KELONG stern face more fashionable and unruly.               industry dialysis;       people want to buy is not technology,aphublot, but the art of           reporter (hereinafter referred to as recorded): the new 8500/8501 type movement.