Plum table TITONI taste is even stronger than before

        plum table TITONI taste our watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Daniel Mr. M.Schluep is a plum table factory chief executive, Schlueps family of third generations of the family enterprise management, but also the top classical automatic watch manufacturing experts. Thirty years ago, can have a piece of Swiss plum table proud as now LV and Chanel brought off a sense of. Plum table with the inheritance of three generation family tradition, the new tabulation technology and excellent tabulation manual, to meet the people from the past until now for the highest standards of quality handmade products pursuit. / Chi Qianqian / print data in the process of change not to move or retreat in 1919 is a turning point in the year: the first World War has been in the past, people full of hope for the future; the first World Organization International Alliance was established in Paris,, to the world brought to peace; the French founded the art deco style eventually accept, it not only in the field of architecture and design, but also in fashion, painting and printmaking art has become increasingly popular. In Switzerland, located in the heart of Europe neutral country, the innovation strength after all the suffering, but also back to life. Fritz Schluep in the foothills of the Jurassic Luoshan Glincoln, established a watch studio. The skillful watchmaker to "small, delicate" design philosophy, combined with the Swiss precision, good reputation perfect, thus was born FELCO watch. We modern era rhythm and company founders strength will watch factory superb technology and crafts of elegant com., born FELCO models, in design and process technology are deeply engraved in the famous Geneva people. FELCO to a Swiss watch is accurate and reliable reputation for oneself, even in twentieth Century and early 30’s economic crisis, can not shake the belief. Fritz Schluep successfully used sales difficult times and accumulated valuable experience, FELCO technology innovation and more precision, multi functional models successfully into the growing market for watches. From FELCO to TITONI plum table with excellent quality and the elegant appearance, FELCO has won a lot of praise. During the Second World War, USA forces choose watch ordered from the FELCO company is stable, accurate. There are more than 30000 FELCO watch exports to America, which has large camera type month date and chronometer are popular in the early twentieth Century 40. After the Second World War, the family business to continue to consolidate its market position, and in the European market,, and another broad market,, especially in the Near East, India and China. China on imported top Swiss watch shows great interest, this is Bruno Schluep. He is the founder’s son, is also the company owner’s successor, during a trip to far.