Strap and maintenance a recipe – strip article

        strap and maintenance a recipe – strip article watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches is perhaps the relationship between technology level,, for the entire watch, watchband received less attention to the movement,, but in fact it is "Watch to wear" one of the most important parts. Strap can be simply divided into refining belt and belt, wherein the mixing zone for durable and unique metallic luster become numerous table fans preferred, but if the improper maintenance, easy to maintenance the bracelet with known but will your face for points yo! 1. What should you do when you have a scratch? In the bright light show moving God color, smooth smooth chain belt is numerous table fans love, but it is also because the proud character, as long as the strap on appeared a scratch, whole table appears pale many. What should you do when you have a scratch? You can buy gold to watch for "wipe the table cloth" (or magic cloth) to wipe, if not deep scratches can be removed, or wait until the regular maintenance, repair master again by a clean, but if the injured heavier then must pay by the master processing. 2 well! How to become this character? Mixing with the table wearing long, accumulate in the table section joints or the belt surface by the sweat and dirt mixed sludge will send out evil smell. When faced with this situation, can take a soft bristled toothbrush toothpaste or cleaning brush some light strap and joint stained, then rinse with water, after wiping the hair dryer to flannel available will strap dry. In addition, K gold watch to wear for a long time due to oxidation and discoloration, in addition to the master processing, can also be used powder cleaning, the effect will make you satisfied. In the jewelry table, in addition to consumers should pay attention to whether the diamonds there are signs of loosening, you also can use a toothbrush with salad off clean diamond dirty part, and is also a good method for jewelry soaking syrup. Us.. sting. Ning 1 in the cleaning process, no matter how careful, there will still be more than if water seepage, because cleaning strap and let the water table can be The loss outweighs the gain., or love table commission by the master finishing. 2 metal strap if wet (water, perspiration and other) without treatment is easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt from joint effusion in dirty clothes, and even cause skin allergies,, so in the remove table or water washing, please remember the cloth will be dry and then wear the seams. In addition, diving table "ashore" rinse with water, use of chemical agents but easy to damage. 3 carat gold material mixing zone because of soft material, easy to cause the scratch impinge or improperly touched,, also in the life of the traffic exhaust, swimming pool chlorine or human sweat will make gold surface discoloration. Let the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear placement, and advertised high hardness of titanium metal or high-tech ceramic table, also must pay attention to avoid collision or fall, after all the hard does not mean carry all before one.