Swiss watches the top list of Patek Philippe has landed in Shanghai

        Swiss watches the top list of Patek Philippe has landed in Shanghai brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches in September last year, the world’s top brands Patek Philippe timepiece (Patek Philippe) recently officially landing the mainland China, stationed in Shanghai the Bund No. 18 Shanghai store opened China and service center. As a global family of independent watchmaker, founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has been hailed as the world’s most outstanding, elegant timepiece products, has always been the antique watch collectors and watch enthusiasts favourite. The global auction highest bid of twenty watch, all Patek Philippe products. Patek Philippe Graves pocket watch in 1999 auction for more than $11000000 to clinch a deal to create the world’s most expensive watches, the auction record. "Patek Philippe’s top timepiece art to China, has always been our wish." Mr. Felix den, President of Patek Philippe (Philippe Stern) said, "the Patek Philippe set up shop and service center in Shanghai of China,, will let the opportunity to share Patek Philippe excellent quality unique more Chinese guests, special handmade craftsmanship and precious collection value." Always adhere to the "the world the most delicate, fine timepiece" concept, adhering to the most exquisite Patek Philippe Geneva watchmaking excellence, is committed to maintaining their 100 years tradition of watch design, production and assembly have absolute autonomy. Now, Patek Philippe factory annual production of about 20000 to 25000 hour, the complicated mechanical watch making time for 8-10 years. This exquisite handicrafts make Patek Philippe became the world’s only with all mechanical movement issued watches and clocks the highest quality assurance "Geneva quality seal (Geneva Seal)" watch manufacturer. (awarded Geneva high quality seal movement, ninety-five percent for the Patek Philippe watch). China’s Shanghai store and service center is the Geneva, after Paris, Patek Philippe in the global third opened a store. To celebrate the opening of a number of medals in Geneva, the Patek Philippe Museum collection of precious watch appeared in Shanghai the Bund No. 18,, let the Chinese guests have a chance to close to appreciate the most extraordinary timepiece classic Patek Philippe. The exhibition of precious table products including equipped with hand carved ultra-thin movement skeleton of 3878J and 3880J, and also won the " the Geneva quality seal " (Geneva Seal) of the three precious gold pocket watch etc.. In addition, Patek Philippe also tailor the characteristic of China " Shanghai China; Panda Table Clock" clock. The national treasure panda painted and hand carved with superb tabulation process Patek Philippe always makes the clock more perfect. In the luxurious and elegant top timepiece art to China at the same time, the Patek Philippe store in Shanghai also has received strict training by a Patek Philippe tabulation division consisting of after-sales service center, for the customer.