Vacheron Constantin base and workshop

        Vacheron Constantin and workshop according to the Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches Vacheron Constantin to cooperate with the development in the future, decided to reorganize the scattered in business all over Geneva, so special in 2001 held a design competition of international construction, and finally by birth in the Swiss French city planning and architect Bernard Tschumi to win. The work of building the Vacheron Constantin headquarters and after 18 months of intense construction,, Vacheron Constantin has moved to Plan-les-Ouates headquarters is located in Geneva in August 9, 2004. The history of this was founded in 1755, the oldest watch brand, establish a new milepost. Headquarters and factory building, brand new and will combine administrative and production departments, provide the most perfect work environment for about 170 employees, continue to carry forward the Vacheron Constantin professional and perfect spirit. Design of the Vacheron Constantin headquarters of bold innovation, condensed a symbol of vitality and eternal. The design concept from the headquarters building envelope,, metal shell at the top represents the time dynamic, and concrete supporting structure below represents the everlasting. Adequate lighting and spacious interior space, emphasized the liquidity and transparency, so that different department personnel exchanges can more smoothly. This is Vacheron Constantin adhere to originality and quality commitment. Vacheron Constantin as one of the few senior watch brand, currently owned can be matched with the corporate philosophy of supporting facilities. Vacheron Constantin is located in the Le Sentier workshop Jurassic Luoshan district (Vallé e de Joux) in Switzerland,, 50 km north of Geneva, adjacent to France, around the lake surrounded by forest, natural beauty and is well protected. More than two centuries ago, Jurassic Luoshan district has been a cradle of senior movement watches. As many more famous Swiss watch brand production base. Vacheron Constantin is located in the Jura Mountains and decoration processing workshops dedicated to the core R & D, movement parts. Currently located in the Le Sentier workshop has about 70 employees, in order to match the brand development goals, the number of staff is expected to increase to 100 people. Vacheron Constantin Quai de l ‘Ile brand flagship stores, the headquarters of Vacheron Constantin’s headquarters site site is located in downtown Geneva Saint-Gervais heartland, development since 1755 250 years continued to dominate the watch industry! Soon, Vacheron Constantin also set up a number of watchmaker workshop in the area, the last in 1875, moved to the Quai de l ‘Ile. The building design more in the brand founder nephew Jean-Franç supervision OIS Constantin, who designed Geneva Grand Theatre "by Grand Thé â tre de Genè ve" architect Jacques Elys&.