World class Breguet watches one of the European countries the palace

        world class Bao Ji watches one of the European countries the court watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch Breguet (Bao Ji) table was founded by watch master Bao Ji in 1775. In 1747 the Swiss Breguet was born in Neuchatel (Neuchatel). At the age of 15, he moved to France, accept full clock theory and practical training. In 1775, he keep house in Paris Ile de la Cite. Since then, Breguet began his watchmaking career. The Breguet table features prominent, so by the French king Louis Jula and queen Marie. Antoinette appreciated, such as leveraged or cylinder escapement device equipped with the innovative parts and continuous improvement, a hollow dot Breguet pointer in the pointer near the ends of the enamel dial with graceful figure and so on, of course, there are well-known tourbillon. Breguet commercial extraordinary achievements, one of the European countries the court, respected,, be diplomatic,, scientific, military and financial elite preferred masters, his personal friendship with foreign heads of state Shendu, made his international reputation for a moment without rain, he has been a prominent figure commissioned to create unique style,, customers include the czar of Russia, Autumn the great empire and the British regent, and Reine de Naples (e.g. Naples empress). In the numerous table Breguet’s models, a man named No.5 pocket watch is particularly prominent, this table is the production of Breguet designed for Shengmiyate earl,, began production in 1787, until the 1794 produced this watch finally by Mr. Hayek Breguet Museum repurchase, hit the treasure Ji antique table auction the highest price. The design inspiration of the Classique 3130 watches today is derived from this. This table gives a person with gentle and elegant, complex but not introverted perception, 18K gold watchcase side as Breguet coin decoration famous, the overall shape complementing Sven introverted, from the essence of inheritance Breguet’s noble is Breguet blood flow. Sapphire table mirror, surface fisheye blue steel hands is smooth and translucent so, while the use of hand carved gold silver dial engraved decoration also strongly express, I am "breguet". Dial layout simple fresh, reasonable division of functions, the phases of the moon and power reserve display function quite conforms to the original design, the only difference is that the 6 new original point small second hand into a calendar, doing both practical and beautiful. Case diameter 35.5 mm now look really some small, but with brown crocodile leather strap collocation is exquisite!