The world watches Vacheron Constantin settled in Hangzhou

        world famous watch brand Vacheron Constantin settled in Hangzhou,, the Swiss watch brand, ultra-thin mechanical watches, quartz watches, sapphire couple watches, watches the Spring Festival approaching, people purse drum, some luxury goods have begun to focus on appearance, for before the Spring Festival peak consumption. Recently, with more than 2.5 century legend tab through top watches master Vacheron  Constantin  Vacheron Constantin opened its first store in the Hangzhou Star Shopping mall. At the same time, the opening, to celebrate the store Vacheron  Vacheron Constantin Constantin brought 20 pieces of rare "limited Platinum Collection Series" table. Store display more than 120 pieces of exquisite new watch works and senior jewelry watch series, including a about 5000000 yuan diamond watch is an eye opener for people.           the opening of the new Vacheron  Constantin stores are located on the first floor of Hangzhou Lei Shing square, covers an area of 100 square meters, is Vacheron  Constantin  Vacheron Constantin is currently in China’s largest store. The store is completely adopted with Vacheron  Constantin Vacheron Constantin Swiss Geneva flagship store   —-  MAISON  innovative design concept and decoration art,, architects to design conception of fine processing and simple original elegant noble, through the wood,, marble, copper and leather and many other noble building materials, given the eternal charm of a classic and contemporary innovation at the same time both for the entire store. Shop with a VIP area,finest-swiss-watch, lets Hangzhou watch lovers at the same time close the experience of top watchmaking charm, enjoy the attentive service.