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53 years ago, China first mechanical watch was born in Tianjin Seagull group’s predecessor, Tianjin watch factory.
the past half a century, from shortage economy the darling of the era, to "break out of an encirclement surplus era", and then to the era of globalization towards the international market Pathfinder, in 38 state-owned watches all fallen in manufacturing enterprises,, seagulls are the only stand up.
after wind and rain, fight to win or die.
now, Tianjin Seagull group became the first, the third largest in the world Chinese core manufacturing base.
with Chinese core seagull began to fly to the world……

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Seagull table in favor of

until now, the 60 year old Wang Deming mentioned that the lawsuit is still very excited, "who said Chinese cannot independently developed the world’s most high-end classic watch? Is to let the Swiss look, Chinese watch industry is the strength."
in 2008 April, held in Switzerland "Basel world watch and Jewellery Fair" period, the body as the defendant as the seagull group general manager Wang Deming.
a Swiss brand will be the establishment of the General Assembly seagull table to "the court of arbitration committee", "they put forward to the gulls’ double Tourbillon ‘question, think the key parts’ differential mechanism’ copied from its brand patent design requirements, seagull table provides’ not plagiarism ‘evidence’, otherwise they will face immediately clear, the coming year allowed exhibitors’ punishment……"
the other’s attitude is very firmly, but Wang Deming is not worried,, "after all, ‘double Tourbillon’ is the top technology international watch industry, they don’t believe China can develop it, let them personally confirmed!"

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Tourbillon table, asked, moon phase calendar is the world watch industry three big classical technique,, "double Tourbillon" technology structure which is more complex, the seagull table Tourbillon framework weighs only 0.37 grams — the equivalent of a swan feather weight, in addition, Tourbillon is composed of 72 fine components. However, most of them Handmade.

Basel "the court of arbitration committee of experts through the analysis of" Seagull "double Tourbillon" movement, carefully observe the key internal parts of a Swiss brand, repeated mutatis mutandis to provide patent certificate, and ultimately identified that: SEA-GULL seagull table no infringement.

a exciting news!

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