Summer passion steel table – in

        summer passion steel table watch brand of sell like hot cakes, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches with the arrival of hot summer, want to buy watches consumers a new account, buy classic luxury high-grade table, or fashion watch blew? Is a steel bracelet or leather strap? After the reporter recently visited the investigation understands, as affected by the recent high temperatures, consumers seem to prefer steel gauge section.   seller: steel gauge section popular   a watch shop manager told reporters, one summer,, a steel strap, watch and chain trend is obviously getting better and better,, like Rolex, Cartire, OMEGA, Tudor, Longines and other brands of steel gauge section, many of which are favored by consumers. Summer in Shanghai is very hot,, if the choice of leather strap watch, afraid of hot customers will feel very uncomfortable, and consumers love sweating discomfort will be more obvious, even has the obvious sweat retention in the leather strap, the smell is difficult to remove.   she also expresses to the reporter, in addition to the steel strap watch and chain, a good trend, gold bracelet, bracelet watch the overall trend can also. Of course, leather strap watch section is not No one shows any interest in, or are a part of consumers in favor of leather strap watches. Now the conditions are relatively good, standard of living is very high, the company, at home, on the road, and even some public places have air conditioning, so the impact on the leather strap watch section in sales is not big.   Consumer: Although many choices, the most loving   steel sheet; some consumers told reporters, buy a watch in the summer, the general will choose both stylish and simple steel form, and in the function also hope is relatively simple. In summer people more impetuous, if the function of the watch is too complicated, I would lose patience. From the strap material says,Replica watches for sale, gold watchband partial heat, in tone some dazzling; steel is cold, and not easy to leave the sweat and odor, is the best choice.   there are also part of the young female consumers said, they are also multi color plastic strap fashion watches wanted. Like to wear skirts in summer and halter tops them, the need for such fashion watches to match with the dress, to highlight the harmony of the whole.   table manufacturers also did not miss this opportunity, as Swatch took the opportunity to launch the brand summer watches, which does not pan color transparent metal table series, and the popular magic Hyun series, to seize the business opportunities brought about by this season.