How to conserve your beloved mechanical watches

        how to conserve your beloved mechanical watches watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches 1 best every day at a fixed time to wind, a foot. On a rotating table speed should be appropriate, not too tight. Too tight, clockwork spring box is easy oil stick. When a relaxed, because the elastic too large will easily broken. 2 watch most avoid violent vibration, a ball or hits the things, the best to take it down. The watch is also afraid of water. Therefore, to wash clothes,Ap watches, wash their hands or other contact with water when working, it is best to watch off. Watch glass if there is fog or water, should be timely maintenance, wipe the fog water, drying the movement. But if only some of the fog, climate is dry, it will disappear. 3 do not open the cover,, lest dust fall in; but not to call, bad to watch repair shop. 4 watch does not wear, don’t put the watch on the radio, so as not to be speaker magnet magnetization, affect the travel time. Watch but not with camphor put together, because camphor is a highly volatile substances, easy to make oil solidification, loss of lubrication, so that damage the clock accuracy. 5 watch glass hardness is not high,Audemars Piguet watches, should be avoided and sharp sharp material rubbing, avoid corrosion by high-pressure high thermal and chemical reagent,, so as not to rub the hair or injury. If the row has a slight traces, the toothpaste on the velvet, friction back and forth in the table glass, can eliminate strokes. Remember do not use alcohol wipe, to prevent the watch glass and alcohol chemical reaction and fragmentation.