Longines timer and Olympic Games a total growth

        Longines timer and the Olympic Games a total growth watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch in March 25, 2008, journalists and the media in Beijing to witness the Olympic Games as the official timekeeper OMEGA, the official conference for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing daily "" limited edition watch at. This is the 1956 Olympic Games and published "the hippocampus 16" commemorative watches replica, from the August 8th opening date to August 24th closing date, published by the daily volume of only 88, while the dial on the Rome digital "XXIX" (29), meaning will be held in Beijing twenty-ninth Olympic games. For the love of sports watch collectors, to have such a watch of extraordinary significance. Clock master Zhong Yonglin said such a story in the release conference scene, the Antiquorum auction last week, a sixteenth Olympic Games Commemorative Edition OMEGA Seamaster watch antique table is the auction, but the final price was 7 times that of 1956. Movement and timer, it seems natural to not separate conjoined twins, and the movement is also witnessed the rise and fall of chronometer. In the Olympic clock the dictionary, we can see a lot of name, OMEGA, Longines, seiko…… From 1896 to 2008, the movement in the annals of athletes in the Olympic Games the pride of performance of countless, and all this must be attributed to the precise timer. To become a timepiece of the Olympic Games,www.timesaleon.com, is the best timing reflecting technology, so after a long, this timepiece value has exceeded itself many. This period "boutique" review once for the Olympic Games time set of distinctions won in battle, but also to share with readers and the origin of the Olympic Games time history. Reporter notes we remember the 2008 Spring Festival evening on that song makes full Chinese moved to recite the poem, tells a story: in 1932, Chinese war turbulent years, Liu Changchun with Chinese expectations on the world’s highest sporting journey, Zhang Xueliang funded his entire trip, 20 days of travel by ship difficult journey, finally from the ancient China came to the other side of the ocean in Losangeles, Liu Changchun in the game with 11 seconds 1 results ranked 100 meters fifth,www.24timesale.com, missed the final. But the participation, lit the Chinese Olympic dream. Indeed, in 1932, when Liu Changchun China may represent the Olympic Games for the first time, he had not thought that, after 76 years today,www.timesaleon.com, Chinese because Olympic Games host country become the focus of the world. That year, the Losangeles Olympic Games because of a plurality of first and have a lot of meaning, such as Chinese in the Olympics for the first time, all event of the Olympic Games for the first time a unified timer, and OMEGA for the first time as an official Olympic timer. Some people have compared the 1932 Olympics in Losangeles, China and OMEGA together on the Olympic journey. Today, it seems can not be used to describe the coincidence. Over the past 76 years,http://www.buyonfake.com, whether it is in Beijing as the host city of Olympic Games as the Olympic Games, or OMEGA.