The consumption tax hike boost prices million watches price 1000 yuan

        the consumption tax hike boost prices million price thousands of Yuan watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches as the consumption tax hike, the Shen city each big market different brand watches prices also rose to varying degrees. The Shen city watch prices. On watch in the mall, OMEGA constellation series,breitling watches, the price to 29700 yuan from 27900 yuan; another OMEGA fashion female form also rose from 16900 yuan to 17700 yuan, or about 6%. Sales staff briefing, OMEGA began in May 1st the overall price, many other brands also corresponding adjustment. The mall person in charge Mr. Lee said, watch these years prices have been adjusted, the year two is a normal adjustment. Two years ago, some of the table business alliance, buy these brands can hit 30 percent off, prices, discounts also become 25% off, now only 15% off. It is understood, radar, OMEGA and several other brands of a variety of watches has adjusted end price, Jaeger Le Coulter, Movado brand has also drawn up plans to raise prices, prices in the 3% – 15%,, 000 yuan watch over one thousand yuan,, the price a little higher watches, price floating up to million yuan. The price list have a great relationship with the recently promulgated the consumption tax. CARTIER staff Miss Zhuang said, adjust consumption tax last year, a portion of the table manufacturers have started to adjust the price,, but there is no substantial adjustment. But this year, the import tax watch from 10% to 30%, manufacturers would take further price hikes. In addition, resulting in improved price factors and imported movement technology and gold price rally, which offer the space to watch prices. Whether to watch prices affect consumption? ZTE said Li Bing watches watches, consumer groups are mainly high-end crowd, too care about price fluctuations will not. Prices in the 1 – 20000 yuan watch, price fluctuation is not. In addition, the adjusted price is fixed, then watch prices can only be more and more high, it is difficult to float downward, so watch price also deliver a small peak, many recent buy Table planners hoped to buy before prices.