The world’s most expensive watches Forbes soared in value

        Forbes the world’s most expensive watches value soaring watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,Replica watches, sapphire watch Evan  Zimmermann expression only opponent. He likes to watch very, 4 years ago, he decided to quit his job as a lawyer, the world’s largest watch auction house — New York’s   Antiquorum (Antiquorum) director. Now, wandering in the world of watches,, at the age of 40,   Zimmermann can be added to his growing collection of individuals in those rare watch, pay close attention to their. Zimmermann said: "I have served the watch auction attorney. However, compared to when I realized and legal practitioners, I like those in   Antiquorum the office talking watch people at work, I know I should change." He began collecting the sporty Rolex Zimmermann from twentieth Century 50’s and 60’s (Rolex) vintage watches, these watches are the first for the manufacture of special entertainment watch. In 1927, Mercedes  Gleitzes wearing Rolex swimming across the English channel,Patek Philippe, after 15 hours of swimming, then watch as usual, walking, elegant style and simple Rolex is considered the first truly waterproof, sealed movement table. Zimmermann said: "the majority of collectors are locked in a smaller scope of collection. Whether a particular brand or at a specific time,, you need to narrow the scope of your collection on collection collection. If the standard is too general, then find the watch too easily, a collection of the most exciting is the process of looking for." The first Rolex Zimmermann is available in the auction of 8 years ago the meeting. He paid $1500 to buy a piece of the 1954 edition of the Rolex   Submariner, the watch very collectible value, because the disk is the "Submariner" mark for the red words. After marking on Rolex watches are all white, which makes those with red Rolex become rare commodities. If he will auction it, so he expects prices to reach $15000. Now, he spent much higher price. He recently purchased collections is a double row of the scarlet letter "sea" (Double  Red  Sea    Dweller) 1665, this watch is to buy in a Miami Watch Fair, $20000. A 3 to 4 watches it is just this year he plans to buy. After the fun just let him part of the excitement — he was flying to Japan, in order to see a watch at the airport, then take the next one