The Shenzhen International Watch Fair — the world watches watches watch the feast

        second 0 session of Shenzhen international world watch / clock and watch exhibition held in Shenzhen exhibition center. This event not only the range of maximum, the largest number of exhibitors, the most concern a session of games, and is also the first China watches industry "two exhibitions in a 2010 July 1 ~ four, second the 0 session of Shenzhen International Watch Fair held in Shenzhen exhibition center. This event not only the range of maximum, the largest number of exhibitors, the most concern a session of games,Replica Patek philippe watches, and is also the first China watches industry "two in one": by Chinese horological association over the years in Beijing at the China Watch Fair and Shenzhen watch industry association annually held in Shenzhen Chinese (Shenzhen) international watch exhibition merged into a show. This new strategy will enterprises and resource integration watch at home and abroad, not only to attract more exhibitors, and also let us see the financial crisis, Chinese watch brand and works are still promoted its strength.   domestic largest watch games   more than 30000 square meters of exhibition of more than two in 0 countries and regions of the five more than 00 exhibitors for four days up to eight games forum         1, two. Shenzhen City watches industry association, Mr. Xu Dongsheng delivered a speech at the opening ceremony type.   three or four. Venues can be seen everywhere in the overseas purchase.   five. The venue area more than thirty thousand square meters, gathered more than 00 exhibitors at home and abroad five.   six. Fiyta Corp.’s JEEP brand is young and vigorous, every model performance can become a scenic venue of the most unique.   two 0 years ago, Shenzhen city authorities identified the watch industry as "advantage in traditional industries," the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association founded the "Shenzhen international watch fair". This year in July, second the 0 session of China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair just ends,Ap watches, it is the first China Watch Association and the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association’s "two in one", also because of this, the fair has become the two largest in 0 years, the highest degree of exhibition, but the area expands to more than 30000 square meters, and has attracted, in Japan and South Korea, Europe, and Hongkong, Taiwan and other two nasal spray in more than 0 countries and regions more than five exhibitors come to Shenzhen 00. "Two in one" the greatest significance lies in, it has witnessed the innovation of domestic watches enterprises structural model and practical,, but also provides a great platform for the exchange China market watch industry, more conducive to the mutual exchange of needed products between the various brands and enterprises, forming a whole joint-stock source of new competition cooperation mode.   silent change China watch industry the Shenzhen International Watch Fair,, but international brand into the Chinese market bridgehead, but also international buyers purchase a good market China manufacturing "". If not all ya all brands, domestic brands such as Fiyta, leader EBOHR, king, Rossini, the strengthening of the brand internationalization and high building and appeal; the "old word.