Rolex watch log type whether 2009 launched the automatic mechanical watches

        Swiss movement is not too expensive,, with the world’s largest ETA companies, the new machine is more than one thousand. Yes, also the popularity of it, that is where the assembly, are not genuine. The assembly said are high imitation watches, it is not genuine! Original Rolex watch is not less than 30000. If you want to buy the original Rolex watches,, suggest you go to the counter to buy, or to Hongkong where the tariff is relatively low. If you want to buy high imitation watches,, the link above address or can be considered. False. The boss is all to cheat you. Hongkong assembly Swiss watch add up to two thousand 8 core can not buy. The watch market in 1W3. I met at the mall. Advise you not to buy Oh.