The top luxury brand Cartire round watch perfect debut

        the top luxury brand Cartire round watch perfect debut watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> after a mysterious time tunnel,
Cartier watches, a wonderful space to show in front of 3600. A giant projection screen surrounded, elegant classical ballet, expensive watches, bright stars, all of his most loved all at the same time coming around, and be close by. within reach…… This is the creative "Louis Cartire round watch" published ceremony. The round hall of Shanghai science and Technology Museum,, now full of "circular elements". Fine display, in order to perfect the circular design elements of the Cartire antique watch, each section has long historical background. And next to the antique table display area of the photography gallery, then let the guests to further understand the Cartire design the new Ronde Louis CARTIER "Louis Cartire round watch" the original intention: circle symbolizes the eternal law of the universe go round and begin again, life and growth in nature, the circle represents the best beautiful, happy auspicious wishes. Eight pieces of special photographic works, Triumphal Arch, Tiantan, the sun and moon and stars, conch ripples, architectural history or the nature of typical "circle", to express the image of deductive wonderful circle, and its relationship with the new round watch. All of these, let the guests the latest masterpiece on the inheritance of hundred years classical and has beautiful meaning — "Louis Cartire round watch" full of expectation. 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> through photography gallery, entered a 3600 stage. Beautiful ballet through advanced technology is mapped to a huge circular projection screen, a feel fresh. Attention all the time, Cartire Greater China CEO Mr. Lu Huiquan took a special key from the famous host Yuan Ming hands, open the door to the mysterious door: as "Louis Cartire round watch release ceremony" special guest international star — Mr. Tony Leung smile appeared on the scene, projection screen 3600 also he is wearing "Louis Cartire round watch" figure perfectly projection to each guest. Tony smiled as in the past low-key, also as in the past to irresistible, just as he had with Louis Cartire round watch,, design is concise and implicit, has an indefinable charm. Luxurious, elegant, noble…… These more abstract terms, in that moment he and watch appears, be construed most incisive. "This is’ the first station Louis Cartire round watch Chinese Tour ‘, the whole tour began in Shanghai, passing through the twenty main city, finally will end successfully in Beijing, a perfect’ round ‘this is Cartire the painting in China territory, representing Cartire to Chinese deep blessing". Cartire.