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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Maoming City, Guangdong Province, the original municipal Party committee, Municipal Standing Committee chairman Luo Yinguo due to alleged crimes in the second working day after the Spring Festival criminal become 2011 sacked the latest departmental level cadres. The news, in addition to the relevant departments in his office and home is found only in cash< p >, Maoming City, Guangdong Province original municipal Party committee,
IWC Watches, Municipal Standing Committee chairman Luo Yinguo due to alleged crimes in the second working day after the Spring Festival is a criminal, a 2011 sacked the latest departmental level cadres. There is news that the relevant departments except in his office and home in cash only searched nearly 10 million yuan, also seized nearly a hundred pieces of precious paintings, more than 10 Rolex watches, and Luo Yinguo and other women’s large abroad photos, including the number of female civil servants. cartier watches

How much money

Rolex watch how much overturned? Thus, Luo Yinguo, not only, and lust,, is a typical "white manuscript, two people engage in" the night "". Under his leadership, sacked in September of last year, the original Maoming Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor yangguangliang not only bank deposits of about 65 million yuan, dozens of real estate, bonds, funds, the value of the stock of more than 1300 million yuan, the erosion life, long-term nurturing and go into business together their own "industry". While the former vice mayor of Maoming city Chen Yachun is a master, but last year he directly by the diary, recording and nude pull down a horse! cartier watches

< p > in recent years, the dramatic such threw himself at the feet, to live a life of extreme erosion, wantonly as, mistress like Luo Yinguo, yangguangliang, Chen Yachun, be deposed by a few. It was concluded that, more than 95% sacked have a kept woman bag. In order to keep young and beautiful things, in order to be able to eat at any time on the "grass", we have to. cartier watches

raised again the following lists a few examples: cartier watches

< p > Guangxi Jutan Cheng in the face of the reporter said: "the thought of Guangxi and so people living in poverty, sleep", the sincere is. However,
Cartier watches, he is completely in Guangxi this flicker and the people of the whole country! Until after the incident, people do not know the real reason he could not sleep, he turned out to be in to his greed and more than 4000 million yuan of money! cartier watches

< p > ordinarily Guangxi Cheng this mirror will again the same mistake, can not learn a lesson from the original Guangxi Autonomous Region deputy SunYu, the same because of the corruption of life, long-term and four married maintained "close relationship", of which a woman’s husband unbearable insult their to the relevant departments to report the sun, Sun Yu, and the investigation is sacked. cartier watches

< p > "three play mayor, Hunan Chenzhou City, former Vice Mayor Ray Yuanli in answer to a reporter’s question said:" I is a left hand into the right hand and the money to a woman. I this person is too heavy friendship, I’m responsible for these women. I >