How to identify brand-name watches June 6, 2011 Rolex watch as

        a.LOGO general fake watch is most likely to yield LOGO, especially the appearance of LOGO. You can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully to see their work. If it is really bright metal LOGO general table table LOGO, false edge is coarse, and the local rules do not; if the word is paint

.LOGO a general false statement is most likely to yield LOGO, especially the appearance of LOGO. You can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully to see their work. If it is metal logo really tables are generally bright as new, leave the table logo at the outer edge of the rough, and local irregular; if it is paint word, truth table has smooth edge spines, leave the table slightly traces of paint word edge, and the font has the depth, with 8 times the eyepiece can see more clearly. (usually LONGINES, a hundred age, ROLEX, OMEGA and other tables are copied more)

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how to identify brand-name watches? In 2011 June 6, rolex watches how to identify true and false, rolex watches how to identify genuine and fake fake watch sapphire table mirror in general is very easy, because off the table in order to reduce the cost does not in table mirror coated with anti reflection layer, not to mention double coated the, so the light reflecting serious, despite the drop of water, but only need to take ultraviolet light irradiation, reflection is extremely serious; table with anti reflection coating, in bright light without too much reflection,, and purple or blue glare.

iwc watches< br / > now off the table, especially J Rolex, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, in the false and use lead ring to assure a false statement of weight, but you can try the other local weight, like local chain, the component should be relatively much lighter. At the same time, the general pseudo table are relatively light, even though the use of lead ring ballast, but in the hands of the feelings is also strange.

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,, the head of the most easily revealed the secret off the table. Fake watch the head city to accept the same process, polishing local coating uneven, both plating grams or gold-plated, but there is always shades, careful observation can see local thief. Do a little case relatively really not easy to be aware of it, you can carefully observe the local head. Also many watches the head are their own specifications, while the false table almost invariably, the only need to see truth table appearance can be seen easily. Watch

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< p > false table cover credentials don’t watch style production, some (like Omega, AP, etc.) will be the original screw cap made of the gland, interested friends doesn’t matter the attention of some of their own. There is octagonal or several screws on the back cover of the local table cover, leave the table to cost savings will produce a nondescript screw cap shape of the gland.

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