Quote you must know in the social life of the twelve most famous

        (Athena; Athena; Athena; Athena), in charge of victory, wit and skill. Rome name Minerva (Minerva). Legend is Zeus and intelligence Metis (Metis), because of a predicted that Metis children of Zeus, Zeus ordered her entire swallowed into


Athena (Athena), in charge of victory, wisdom and skills. Rome name Minerva (Minerva). The legend is Zeus and intelligence Metis (Metis), because of a predicted that Metis children of Zeus, Zeus ordered her entire swallowed into belly,www.watch4ufree.com, who knows a headache, in unbearable summoned Hephaestus, split head, jump out of the brain from Zeus is a living armor,www.my-watchstore.com, clean and jerk golden spear. She was Athena. Athena is God, with power and intelligence, for Zeus’s favorite daughter. Athena is the Greek, especially the Athens, the name of the Athens city is named after the name, and it is her exclusive city. She taught Greeks spinning, weaving, shipbuilding, metallurgy and ironmaking skills, also invented the plough and harrow, tame cattle and sheep, so she is also the God of agriculture and horticulture. She is the God of law and order.

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one, Matthew effect

iwc watches< p > the New Testament & middot; Matthew "has such a story, a journey before the king and handed it to each of the three servants a silver ingot, and commanded them:" you are going to do business, when I come back, come back and see me. " When the king returned, the first servant said,
www.sunglasses4usale.com, "master, you give us a silver, and I have earned 10 ingot."." So the king encouraged him to 10 cities.. The second servant reported, "master, you give me one ingot of silver, I have earned 5 ingot." And the king had 5 cities.. The third servant report said: "master, you gave me a silver ingot, I’ve been in a towel in with, I am afraid of missing, did not take all the time." So the king ordered will be the third servant Mina also awarded the first servant and said: "whatever small, even he all to wrest. Any more, but also give him a call, he The more, the better." This is Matthew effect.. Look around us, and we can find examples of many Matthew effects.. A friend who has a lot of friends can get more friends with frequent contacts. The person who lacks friends will always be alone.. Even more so, even if the same rate of return on investment, a man more than 10 times the investment of others, the income is also more than 10 times. This is a winner of the society, the use of the Matthew effect, the winner is you.

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for business development, the Matthew effect tells us that in order to maintain the advantages in a certain field, it is necessary to quickly expand in this area. When you become a leader in a certain field, even if the rate of return on investment is the same, you can get more easily than the smaller counterparts.