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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; machinery inside the machine, the machine automatically, quartz machine, automatic quartz which is better? Each hope can be resolved in detail, thank you ~ ~ This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version you have to repeat the classification. Watch movement overall points within machinery and stone machinery, automatic machine, quartz machine, automatic quartz which is better? Each hope can be resolved in detail, thank you ~ ~ This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version you have to repeat the classification. Watch movement overall points mechanical and quartz two kinds of mechanical machines by definition is the core mechanical parts, driven by a clockwork movement torque. mechanical movement was divided into two, self-winding and manual winding. essential difference between the two different ways of winding automatic winding movement what you said automatic movement, the movement is equipped in such an automatic Tuo, usually made of denser metal, fan, can watch centers around a bearing free to rotate through when you wear wrist naturally Action rotated through the winding gear box chain. of course, which is divided into one-way and two-way chain on the chain, not much to say here first advantage is the automatic movement as long as you wear the watch every day, it you can never stop the operation continues, eliminating the daily trouble winding. The disadvantage is that automatic Tuo alone accounted layer, resulting in increased thickness of the watch movement. manual winding movement would not have this automatic Tuo and corresponding gear, It takes you to the timing by rotating the crown mainspring. Of course it’s drawback is too much trouble, but it can significantly reduce the thickness of the movement. In many advanced complicated watch them, because of the complexity of the function to occupy a great deal of space, in order to ensure that the table will not be too thick body, usually manual winding. This is why many high-end watches have chosen to manually cause. Quartz crystal by definition is a certain frequency pulses to drive the watch. It called electronic timepiece also not the same, usually quartz list is a gear,, but the gear is sometimes made of plastic,
piedo, and most causes of electricity-driven way. Now we compare the movement of the two categories. The first is production because mechanical movement in many parts (usually up to 100-400, more super complex movement has more than 1000 parts), and all functions are relying on gear meshing to complete, so the mechanical movement needs a good polish to reduce power losses due to friction, while many parts of grinding machines can not be completed, so almost all high-end hand-polished movements have chosen, since this makes the production cost and time of a watch is greatly increased. In addition, as some mechanical watches unique complex functions such as flywheel or three questions,
watch4ufree, which requires a number of watchmakers several weeks or even months of manual labor to complete. It is also expensive mechanical watches one of the reasons why. And you can be a lot quartz watch mechanized production, followed by design. To know where the design is different from the mechanical movement decorated general appearance, but determines the success of a movement or not. The first is the function succeed in a small machine Load hundreds of core parts in a dozen features to make it complete, from the design level, this is not an ordinary person can be completed. In addition to how each function is also very important to make it more perfect, such as the most simple, barrel. We know that spring from inside to outside circular entrenched in the box spring, which first began to release from the innermost power, but from the inside to the outside radius and the circumference of each circle are increased, How to make the barrel stable output power making it more accurate watches go, this is a matter of design. The quartz movement is relatively simple, does not there are too many similar problems. The third is accuracy. First thing to say here quartz movement because it is a fixed frequency, pulse-driven, it is very precise travel time quartz watch, while the mechanical watch movement due to the inevitable friction can cause when not allowed to go. The people here will have to mention the continuous improvement of the mechanical movement The process shows great wisdom. says how to make more accurate mechanical movement when walking, it is necessary to talk about the tourbillon. It is one of the greatest invention in the history of the watch. Tourbillon was first invented by Mr. Breguet, the general structure is the balance wheel, escapement, and gossamer watch the most important parts on a framework, so that the frame around the axis of rotation of 360 degrees per minute, to counteract gravity causes different position on the watch wearing a watch error. This means 200 years has been one of the most complex function watch area, later to be descendants of continuous improvement, we invented the double tourbillon, flying tourbillon, 30-degree three-dimensional tourbillon, 360 Tourbillon etc. means making mechanical watches more accurate. And now one is equipped with ordinary Breguet Tourbillon watch, the price should be in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. want chatted mechanical watch come true Three days and three nights on that can not be overstated. indeed believe that he will be more accurate than quartz, but through that one gear you can feel great human creativity, superb command, and heritage for hundreds of years craft many back of the watch is not transparent, but the movement in the inside of each part carefully polished by artisans to install. They put their soul into the gear in each of them, even in this watch life, no one will see the movement. These are the Japanese electronics can never compare things. This is my own writing ah. fought for a long, exhausted .. sincerely hope you can have Help Want to give me a token of Baidu news. movement has a kind of sub-mechanical and semi-mechanical quartz plus half quartz but this eventually belong there in the silica-based mechanical hand-wound and self-winding manual winding refers to the need to rotate people head to the movement of the chain in the usual automatic means wearing the watch movement chain each have their own advantages in general mechanical durability of quartz watches on time by rotating oscillating weight to the movement. circulated for decades centuries Relative life is very short mechanical quartz, but the advantage of relatively low prices. Generally recommend a mechanical movement mechanical watches often have hundreds of component parts like a mechanical small kingdom