Watch The question I ask to buy the watch so that such

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I want to buy this watch so think how to ask, I would also like to Taobao to buy, after all, cheaper! Ha ha! So I would like to ask how you feel! This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Oh, you like me, I want to buy on Taobao I think this watch so ask how, I want to buy in Taobao, after all, cheaper ! Ha ha! So I would like to ask how you feel! This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Oh,, you like me, I buy in Taobao, I know this very fire, over 10,000 items a. 316D now a new, and I am strongly recommend, because I used, this function would not have said, because it, like Casio and 400+ more (that is, not counting function), so for you is to look outward appearance , because Taobao is the lower price of this Casio also been counterfeiting, it is recommended that you go to the mall to buy. I bought a week ago, called "Ding Chun," the mall, the goods come back marked above the table class Taobao mall NO.1 shop. 316D price is 235, their free shipping, but due to their popularity is the fire, the guests may be a lot of it, so they customer service is very slow (which is very uncomfortable, but the goods really did not say, authentic!) I am a student, not much spending power, can not buy higher brand watches, it is very suitable for my Casio. To pick a desirable table, I looked online for several weeks. Here is my summary of information on a watch forum, hope useful to you: 99% [1 online Casio Casio are parallel in mainland does not authorize any company for online sales, but there’s mainland distributor of getting goods dealers The price is 6.5 fold counter unified price, so a lot of selling online are all 3-5 fold parallel. Many of my friends like to ask is not parallel, in fact, do not ask that he look at the price you can immediately judge. 2. parallel real thing though buy online are parallel, but parallel does not mean that fake, parallel licensed watch itself does not make any difference, all the same out of the factory Casio, quality and workmanship are identical. And watch unlike other electronic products, such as mobile phones parallel need to upgrade software, fonts, etc. to simplified technology, these operations are not factory processed, so the quality will be affected. But watch the difference between the software, the font does not exist, are used around the world with a watch, so are the original operation, parallel imports are also original quality. 3. parallel really cheap Casio pricing strategy because the reason parallel imports cheaper tariff is a small part, but the main thing is different for uniform price set Casio carried around, well-known, Casio mainland counter price is too high And Hong Kong duty-free and watch over there because the more intense competition reasons, Casio in the side of the price is relatively low, note that prices are getting goods dealer prices, rather than simply we can see the Hong Kong market The above prices. Simply put, the mainland price 1000 yuan a watch, Casio to mainland Dealer prices are 65% off, actual equivalent to 650 yuan, while the price for Hong Kong is 800 yuan, to give them the dealer discount is 4%, it is equal to 320 Yuan. 650 and 320, this difference can reach more than half, and so on, I believe that smart friend must be able to know why the Hong Kong over the Internet is cheaper than on the mainland side of the Casio more than half. 4. Go to the high reputation of the seller to buy, do not fake the above reasons, authentic Casio watches prices have been very low, basically you can buy a few hundred pieces, half cheaper than the counter, and the cost of fraud is very high, a lot of Casio When the pointer table are with the measurement function of the movement, and coupled with stainless steel casing and strap, to be modeled in such a low cost of it is impossible, even if made out of profit is very low, and who also would be foolish to do such a thankless thing, my friend said’ve seen fake Casio, but basically spread the goods the level of workmanship and quality at a glance, the difference is great, Casio certainly not the presence of high imitation argument. So generally find high credibility of the seller, they are parallel, but it will not be fake. Because the cost is not fake low quality to even close, online sales is very valued evaluation, do so only in order to guarantee the quality of parallel imports. 5. The parallel is not a lot of friends like UNPROFOR UNPROFOR asked if he could, but it is actually very simple, parallel due to the different channels, and the counter is in the relationship between mainstream competition. Imagine if there is no parallel exists, it can only go to the counter to buy, receive their high-priced, but because there are parallel, we all have a choice, natural counter turnover and profit will be lost. Therefore, from the reasonable, in line to buy the table,, equal to the counter to grab their business, but then let’s get them past the warranty, which is like saying that your competitors customers to buy something, and then you go here to asking for the service, for you are a seller you will be happy it? So, from the perspective of Casio official counters and self-protection point of view, it is certainly not to enjoy the security services in parallel. 6. Only counter Invoices can UNPROFOR that many of my friends asked, many sellers and they would say, just to buy time so that businesses can be opened original invoice UNPROFOR, and a lot of bad JS order to expand sales, will be like this commitments, and even there were many crown, diamond sellers, but based on the above analysis, two hundred and fifty counter is not it so what, you know this trick, they do not know what naive, in fact, they just look invoiced mall name on know that is not part of their counter, because Casio usually only set up special counters in major department stores, like many online invoice with gifts such as **, ** commercial companies and so on, even we have such an outsider at a glance results are not counter invoices, not to mention maintenance people is to eat food that friends? UNPROFOR is necessary to counter the basis of open invoices, such as Wangfujing shopping centers at this level can certainly open up the invoice UNPROFOR, but this level of the mall is very standard invoicing process, to let him help a large-scale parallel open UNPROFOR invoice, is certainly possible. So buy online, do not spend hundreds of dollars to buy fake invoices, and bought a can not UNPROFOR, not as simply paid when repair, not a few ten. More than dozens of pieces of a big problem, not as re-buy a new one. 7. UNPROFOR 95% less than the Casio watches are popular mainly lies in its reliable, durable, usually with a few years is not a problem, at most two or three years after the change Reap battery to In one year the probability of human damage is very, very low. This is why many online sellers of bad faith, the courage to cheat, as long as casually with the invoice can UNPROFOR, because this line will know that Casio watches a year simply will not be bad, so in the end can not UNPROFOR are not people will go to test, and even if there are not a few people to test the UNPROFOR, they can also be said to be due to the policy of your local service point is rather special, the rest can all be insured, so you have no way to field to test, so please never believe JS linked insurance commitments. 8. Warranty can find large distributors or directly get paid maintenance repair has been said above, even parallel, is the real thing, so parallel distributors also ask Casio agent getting goods there, especially the size of the large distributors, and the closer the relationship between the agent, they can have getting goods channel will naturally have a warranty channels, so buy online must find the strength of large sellers, so the warranty is guaranteed. Or you can pay it directly to maintenance repairs, maintenance point is to do business, they are not just repair Casio, what table gave the repair, as long as you pay, so that not too worry about warranty issues. Of course, the Casio generally not bad,, no matter where you buy, the quality is reliable, used friends should be very clear.] Finally, I wish you a pleasant online shopping, O (∩_∩) O haha ​​~ given a link or model label.