Casio’s problem… Ready to buy a piece of CASIO

    准备买一块卡西欧的手表. 问店员和售后都说专柜的是国行. 全国联保的.. 请问下. 怕买到翻新的. 水货. 山寨啥的.. 现在卡西欧的手表是国产化了么.? 中国所有的卡西欧手表都是中国自己 准备买一块卡西欧的手表. 问店员和售后都说专柜的是国行. 全国联保的.. 请问下. 怕买到翻新的. 水货. 山寨啥的.. 现在卡西欧的手表是国产化了么.? 中国所有的卡西欧手表都是中国自己生产.? 还是只是中国组装日本的机芯啊.? 要是全部中国制造研发.. 那就不买了. 中国的技术.不敢恭维.. 要是只是中国组装是日本的机芯的话还行. 知道的回答一下. 谢谢了.. 皮链的好像叫什么BM-501-7AV该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版japan mov’t dv cased in china 就是日本机芯 中国组装的。 Table CASIO since it is genius is genuine. There is a warranty card. What it is not, smuggled goods unprofor. Now the majority of the Casio Watch parallel and refurbished generally not, counterfeit and fake may have but little bar,
piedo, Casio actually counted low-grade sheet, specialize in the fake cost is not worthwhile,,, sell so expensive is because all of the rents in the mall you also with jewelry a floor do booth and other reasons, without discount so expensive sell. Now you can buy in China is of course the localization, the Nike ad. CASIO is also the same ah, foreign technology and materials, and then China’s labor force output assembly foundry. You want to buy that kind of foreign production that is imported or foreign purchasing.! the check your website data and to compare,, such as net much ah, error number ah, texture like how ah, interface position is rough ah, basically the way the, Casio cottage haven’t really seen refurbished see test, take a magnifying glass to see whether the surface is scratched, and the instrument measuring accuracy of the table to sell the place where can do