Discount season tour of Japan more cost-effective

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; / Wen / Li Yi (pictures provide / Japan tourism agency went to Japanese tourist visa will be on July 1 officially launched, a trip to Japan will be more. And July is the most attractive discount season in japan. The travel way, to "shopping" a. In addition to Tokyo, the world’s purchase

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travel to Japan will be officially opened in July 1st, the Japanese travel will be more. And July is the most attractive discount season in japan. The travel way, to "shopping" a. In addition to Tokyo, the world’s shopping, some of Japan’s popular tourist destination, but also a good place to shop, but the price is cheaper than tokyo.


Fukuoka "shopping" spa snack luxury-free-store


watches the official website of the Chinese economy to the lowest price in the region of Japan,Cartier watches, the lowest price of hot springs, can be described as the economic application of overseas travel line. To go to the island, natural selection of Fukuoka as a transit point, it is not only the most prosperous of the city, but there is no lack of historical details. Fukuoka from Shanghai but also an hour flight, airport away from the urban area is surprisingly close to the sea off the subway, 20 minutes to the city, even a turn for the better can snatch a moment of leisure shopping.


to see Fukuoka tour guide book, you will inevitably be surprised, the most popular attractions here, is a home shopping center. This is called Canal City Fukuoka ShoppingMall, is one of the landmark of Fukuoka.


< p > the canal city does have a unique and clear artificial canal winding among the flow and water curve and the construction of a radian Xiangyingchengqu. Even if doesn’t love shopping, sitting in the river water or rest,, have a look show band, is joy.


< p > in the canal city. You can almost find everything you want, from big stores to fashion, from jewelry to cosmetics skin care, from daily necessities to furniture, appliances, visiting a day too boundless. The Theatre Hotel and Food street, let you out of here can solve the basic necessities of life.

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Fukuoka: the house is also an indispensable part of sightseeing. Wu Tai (Yatai) is actually the open-air restaurants, simple but cheap and delicious. They set up the river, forming a long snack street, the night is more crowded. See restrained girls cold in the stalls surrounded by the Japanese,, it is rare scene The wine cups passed freely.. To bowl of authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen, or is a few points on Oden (Oden) and Yakitori (burn birds) is sensual sexy Fu >