Let you spend less money, mechanical watches regular maintenance

        if you understand this, this is done, absolutely can let you do not have to spend a lot of money, mechanical watches regular maintenance!

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; if your table is on behalf of the taste or "heirloom" value of high-grade precious mechanical watch, probably because of the Spring Festival holiday did not wear and dormant, or holiday travel after maintenance must be carried out, for a long time did not wear watches if you want to re adjust the time, must pay particular attention to the mode of operation, so as to avoid gear clamping tenon fault, internal parts can not operate normally, if the normal maintenance, watches need to spend a large sum of money to repair the situation can reduce to a minimum the cost. Table table table table < br / > & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; mechanical adjustment time < br / > long time static mechanical clockwork relaxed to table styles is still real. At this time, if you want to wear, you must first re tighten the spring, then the calibration time, general manager, said the general machinery in the spring the loose, there will be clockwise, minute slow or fast phenomenon, therefore,www.luxury-free-store.com, should be the first to tighten the spring, in order to avoid time calibration, there is no standard power driving pointer, even if is the automatic mixing models, should also be used to manually refined to eight full, then the time calibration.
       机械表自行清洗、保养的原则: sevenfriday watch
       (1) 软布沾肥皂水擦拭 
       (2) 软布沾清水擦拭
       (3) 干软布擦拭
       (4) 阴干
 ,quartzsale.com;      (5) 忌讳不随便送超音波清洗
        凡是从事过水上活动的表款,都需要做「保养」,尤其经过海水盐分的浸泡,游泳池内过滤水质的化学物品,都容易造成表款防水垫圈的侵蚀、硬化;有些保养是可以自己在家做的,简单的以软布用少量肥皂水清洗金属及防水橡胶表带,IWC Watches,最后并以湿布清除肥皂水擦拭过的痕迹后阴干,就可以达成初步保养的性能,同时,千>