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        in charge of the people: the three have chosen deflation, Mr. Liu Jiren and Mr. Li Zuojun, the two chosen, I would like to ask, how do you see deflation? Liu Jiren: Although the global economic crisis, I am not yet to see foreign zero export

is in charge of the people: so the three have chosen the deflation, Mr. Liu Jiren and Mr. Li Zuojun, the two chosen, I would like to ask, how do you see deflation?

tourbillon4uwatch< p > Liu Jiren: Although zero a global economic crisis, I to the present,, hasn’t yet see foreign zero export power to meet the large impact, so is the aspect, so we foreign manufacturing capacity is still quite strong,, I feel no foreign made one of the biggest benefits, relatively low-end products we have done in the past, while the lower end is with consumer goods, daily necessities contact comparative tight, is affected by the economic impact may not buy running, BMW the, but foreign manufacturing tool is still a large quantity. So that would lead to the we are now seeing production capacity, including labor lack of, we to the present line hasn’t yet see the property to a certain degree of wanes to the close, of course is although inflation, we see the purchasing power of zero, including our domestic zero power consumption is rising, so I think from the point of view of all aspects,
Cartier watches, foreign economy although to meet the many problems, growth factor should say is still very strong.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > Zuo Jun: do not fully agree with, I think is two words, one is and strategic emerging property to grow, on the other hand, cannot blindly growth. Now I emphasize again, growth and rising production when the world three big crises: A is the financial crisis, the weather crisis, capital flow and flow of energy crisis, the three crisis out with direction and strategic emerging property, that is from a global point of view.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > watch quiz host: monetary policy is now without a thought of the phenomenon, the central bank is the deposit reserve rate increases, including the issuance of central bank bills secondary do a target is to delete the hedge, and no touch us 70 trillion of stock, so no one speak now view, for deflation do not use, you on the problem how to see?

tourbillon4uwatch< p > host: is not able to understand your concept is 2013 before is the two wheel drive, 2013 is currently single wheel drive.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > host: let’s listen to Li Zuojun, do you also think that the mistakes of unscrupulous emerging property is not as he thinks, not without the drive capability, or for two years and returned to the conservative property?


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