(Master Jin!) SEIKO watch how to distinguish true and false online Taobao

SEIKO         SEIKO; the import watches are mainly Swiss, Japanese brands, Swiss, Japanese watches more concentrated in the following several brands: Oriental,, CASIO, and so on, and so on, the main brands are: the Oriental,, CITIZEN, and so on. Swiss brand: Rolex, Tudor, Earl,
www.review4uwatch.com, celebrities, Simma, Omar, Rome, tile clockwise, Borel, Longines,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, meters, Omega, plum, tower scholar, enicar, Nepal, whitecaps, radar, Tissot. Appearance and movement recognition: from the appearance: genuine watch dial and a back cover Mark trademarks and brand handwriting clear and complete; dial on the standard drill number and movement of the actual drilling tally; cover materials and case materials used in line; table glass bright clear; watchcase components corners no sharp sense; coating without bubble, do not fall off. Fake genuine watch dial and a back cover the trademark and brand illegible; dial marked drill number and movement of the actual drilling number does not match; watchcase components rough edged, coated bubble, shedding or accessory fracture phenomenon. Movement from the point of view: genuine trademark movement of the splint or pendulum thallium superscript label words; the movement is steady in the watchcase components; movement of the cleaning. Fake watch movement of the splint or pendulum thallium no trademark words, or trademark handwriting rough and fuzzy, skew,
www.salehublot.com, or simply with a small copper paste; movement is not clean, some movement in a copper scrap, hair, such as fingerprints. Identification: at present, the Trademark Office of some large shopping malls and a better reputation of the collective, individual store management of imported watches, to carry out batch inspection, inspection of qualified certificate issued by a single, concurrent laser anti forgery mark. When buying imported watches, we should check the vendor’s commodity inspection certificate, and the number of laser marking on the security of the card is listed in the card number. Seiko watches shop authentic see following reference are users and experts have summarized, very good, and I hope to help you — [buttoned Baidu name =] open shop is very easy, just like Baidu search, to open the shop steps on post flood piles, but simple, to run is not so easy. Channel is king, only know the kind of radish, do not know to sell radish, radish can only be decomposed in the home. Since the number of steps to open shop, I will talk about how to open the shop after it? Is how to promote. The first trick: online SEO optimization. Yes, to open shop not only limited to have " the shop how to open " the relevant knowledge, but also on the SEO of these technologies to understand the business in Xinglong. Each page will be set in place of key words, shop goods, information is updated in time, so that is conducive to row.