Sep 30 2015

The time of color interpretation of wrist watch enamel craft

Jaeger Le Coulter

enamel table

1, what is the enamel table?

is a simple language, or a watch dial is in the cover and back, watch inlaid with enamel craft. Investigate the enamel materials, slightly on the material science knowledge of people all know, attached to these basic ingredients of enamel on metal and porcelain objects are mainly quartz, feldspar,, borax and oxide, and daily glass belonging to the similar material. Visible material is not rare, but after a skilled craftsman and one elegant Mingyan enamel table has become a rare art Jiapin. But the enamel table boils down to the table, the table of the process is the value, enamel craft is just on the table value sublimation, if the table itself inferior without China, enamel craft exquisite also calls not to get the top grade.

Van Cleef & Arpels

enamel table

, 2 quality factors of enamel

process: no matter what kind of enamel, fine process is of course when the elements of the first.

color: bright and full of color, can be pleasing to the color of the color of the fire.

layer: Well there will be three parts of enamel layer bottom layer and the middle layer and the transparent protective,

products: enamel is easily broken, once the damage is irreversible, even a flaw can affect enamel table value.

master: the famous masters of enamel usually identified is excellent.

based color enamel white or colorless


enamel table why so expensive?< p > enamel, although the United States, but the risk is very big, all kinds of glaze drawing can not mix colors, mobility requires reasonable consideration of the glaze and firing process in the evaporation of moisture. Secondly, in the furnace after firing pattern contour is receding is the risk of enamel, but also its value. For example, when firing the uneven heating, using similar glaze may not be able to burn out the same color. And needs in the high temperature of 800 DEG C for at least more than 20 procedure is fired, every step has glazed fracture may occur,, or color occurred subtle changes in risk. Therefore, a little careless, the entire production project will waste all the previous efforts. Each get a successful work, before may face several times the waste.

based color enamel is white or colorless, and a variety of other colors from the combination of different metal oxides. For example, the addition of antimony as yellow gold, gold for the red, rhodium for black, manganese for purple, cobalt blue purple, copper oxide was blue green, nickel oxide, red in the potassium content, yellow green, etc..

enamel table must be manually drawn, even today, there is no machine can replace the device. Then skilled technicians, drawing such a small disk, frequently spent hundreds of hours. Enamel table color is difficult to control, the key is the enamel and mineral.

Sep 30 2015

HERMES WATCHES where to buy watch

,, how to choose their own band

1, rubber strap: suitable for a lively and cheerful person

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


rubber strap who is a lively and cheerful guy,, he should be a man of passion like fire. He must strive for movement, because only the rubber strap to the tolerance to sweat erosion; or he should also be have a like to show themselves, show the style of character,, in all the strap material rubber is easy to manufacture into various types of transformation of color, deep blue, jumping orange, in the popular hit the color of the season are the focus of fashion.

2, crocodile leather strap: suitable for mature sexy

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


compared with the ordinary leather strap, you can clearly feel the aura of different material caused by the crocodile. Even if not every day wear, as a man you should also have a crocodile leather strap watch, regardless of your own personality how, you will always show their mature, sexy side, and this time the cortex.

Sep 28 2015

Graham London watches do you like it?

had to know the founder of the world’s top ten lists (on)

Patek Philippe


< p > Patek Philippe) founder of Anthony & middot; up to a hundred (Antoine Norbert de Patek) formerly 1831 Poland against Russian domination of the revolutionaries. Poland after the failed revolution he fled to France in Geneva,, Switzerland settled, began to engage in watches and clocks, 1839 opened Tatsu hundred watch company. In 1844, Anthony · 100 and Jane · Li Fei (FrancoisCzapek) met at an exhibition in Paris. Jane · Fei Li has designed a case is very thin, and on the chain and adjustment are not the traditional spoon bag table table. This kind of bag is very popular in the exhibition, and Anthony · 100% but deep for its new design. Two people after a conversation, immediately reached a cooperation intention,, so, Jane · Fei Li joined the 100 company.

had to know the founder of the world’s top ten lists (on)

Audemars Piguet


< p > in 1875,
Michele Watches, two young talents watchmakers Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet determination in the Swiss watch resort Jura region together precision clock and watch industry development, officially founded Audemars Piguet) clock and watch factory; and in December 17, 1881 in Le Brassus established Audemars and Piguet CIE.

Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars) is the first letter of the name of the first letter A and P two. Two people trained in Jurassic Valley has become a professional polish division, and is committed to developing the most exquisite part of watch manufacturing. Watch factory was established at the beginning, the two vision of Audemars Piguet table founder has decided to no longer be a clock factory parts suppliers and take the lead in the development complete watches; created in 1882 the first gold with calendar device of bagged and fully reflect their initiative and resourcefulness. With the entrepreneurial spirit, they concentrated manufacturing Audemars Piguet complex tables, and a series of strategic marketing, your daughter, Peter (Audemars Piguet table become home to the most complex tables invention records of the brand in the world today.

Sep 25 2015

Fashion watch brand how to repair failure _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific w

fashion brand failure how to repair

watch about weakness,Blancpain Watches, balance sheet may be stopped, watch mainspring instability or spring deformation. Tighten the cover later watch does not go, remove the movement, and the normal walking, fault location may be: second high touch table glass, glass not impaction circle table, resulting in the second touch watch glass. Fault analysis of the watch, it is only possible to determine the location of the fault may occur. Where the failure occurred in which one or several parts, but also must be specific to the watch, to determine the final.

fashion watch brand failure how to repair

1,Graham London watches, watch about weakness, balance sheet is stopped, the breakdown of where

?< p > watches failure may be: mainspring torque instability or spring deformation,
Michele Watches, prolapse of the box cover box of the gear tooth bending or break a handle shaft of small round rod is too long and scraping strip wheel box; a wheel box wall fracture or deformation of the spring is too wide, a box of lamp convex.

Sep 25 2015

The one and only 330000 Euro Lange Tourbillon watch [figure] _ _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific w

33 million euro unique

< p > auction house known Dr. crott in May 2012 on 12 sham Frankfurt held the 85th auction, a unique and precious Lange watch at a high price clinch a deal. This medal match TOURBILLON trumpet platinum watchcase and black dial "pour le M & eacute; rite" for the first time in 1996 sold,
Chopard Watches, to Dr. crott the 85th auction will to high net worth to find new owners.

The one and only

33 million euros Lange tourbillon

< p > 5 December, this gold TOURBILLON "pour le M & eacute; rite" at the Frankfurt auction to 330000 euros price changes hands,, auction price far than the famous auction house Dr. crott expert valuation is high. In fact, the sale price was a rare masterpiece,, almost five times more than the retail price in 1996.

Sep 25 2015

Fault [electronic watch battery and selection of common map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _

Graham Watches

electronic battery and common fault

electronic watch should choose what kind of battery? Electronic watch must use small size, capacity, voltage stability of the battery, so the selection of silver zinc batteries and zinc mercury battery. The more common use of silver zinc batteries. The difference is, the voltage is one point five volts of silver zinc batteries, zinc mercury battery for a little dog. The life of silver zinc and zinc mercury battery,, which depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the watch.

electronic watch battery and common failure

when the power is running out, the light will become dim, or when it is turned on, the digital display will suddenly become dark and even disappear. A quartz watch, which is equipped with a battery life, when the battery is running out of power, all of the display numbers will flash together. The digital watch’s lamp consumes a lot of power. Generally open for a second, the power consumption can be used for normal time with more than one hour. In the international, the specification of the watch battery is not standardized, so the general, the exchange difference. All kinds of electronic watches,, have specifically designated use of batteries. Some can be used in a certain range, but for what brand of watches, are there are provisions, not free to use. Replace the battery, if they don’t understand watch technology, should repair shop watch battery installation.

Sep 25 2015

Masterpiece Collection [map] _ Hermes pocket watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s netwo

Breitling Watches


century, the French royal family is highly praised the process, almost all the palaces, Royal furniture are used wood inlay process to decorate. The French emperor edict the wooden mosaic as the "Royal decoration". In Jerome Bouttecon25 inlaid wood process of career, award-winning: masters of the whole craft awards in the first, global inlaid wood craft contest awards,, he is the leader in this field. The cooperation with the clock is the highest difficulty of his own process a challenge.

< p > how to subdivide cutting the whole picture, how each small pieces of wood perfect merging together, smooth and seamless. This is great challenge to his own skills and hands. The rose is part of platinum by a platinum sheet pasted, and joinery inlaid picture add radiance and beauty to each other. Positive dial is gold engraving radial Guilloche patterns shine,, by a layer of transparent enamel glaze will protect it. Open the lid and carefully crafted by the vaucher Hermes H1928 movement gracefully to walks out of time rhythm, and the inner surface of the cover sheet is hand polished fish scale pattern, in the refraction of light is full of beauty of rhythm.

Sep 25 2015

Top watch four _ maintenance cheats watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s n

top four cheats



watch table mirror, waterproof cover, put on the first waterproof apron and corresponding to the standard. All waterproof sheets are marked with "RESISTANT WATER" or "PROOF WATER" on the bottom. No mark can only watch waterproof dustproof,, should avoid water. 30 meters (3atm, that is three atmospheres) water table can be used for daily grooming or rain,, namely, water drop only splash on the surface and no water pressure exerted on the table on. 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving,, etc..

top watch four maintenance

.< p > waterproof aprons aging can watch waterproof performance, so watch waterproof apron and head (containing a waterproof ring) according to use needs to be replaced regularly. The quartz watch should be replaced at the same time to change the battery, to ensure that the waterproof performance is good.

any FangShuiBiao shoulds not be wearing a hot bath, sauna or the great changes in environment temperature in use. Because the waterproof apron will be affected by temperature expansion and contraction are void and accelerate aging and cause water and table of hydrometeor, serious will make parts damage.

Sep 24 2015

Watch how to deal with the magnetic _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s


< p > all kinds of permanent magnet in electric appliance is also widely used,, typical is the speaker and the motor, magnet and DC magnetic field are able to magnetic steel or hard magnetic materials. Machinery. There are a lot of steel material, such as size steel wheel, escapement wheel, gear shaft tenoning, bearings, screws and gossamer, when gossamer after magnetization, watches will soon stop not to walk. By the magnetization of the watch may not see any problem in the short term, but a long time, will become more and more slowly.

to determine whether the magnetic field of the watch

watch the magnetic field of the general situation is to go fast,, the serious will stop to go. If gossamer ring between the suction stick together, watch the walk faster, about 2 hours / days, the steel member is most easily magnetized, including the escapement wheel and an escapement fork, and gossamer, magnetic influence and interfere with the balance of the oscillation cycle. Now daily life, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the leather buckle, the thing is the majority of aluminum iron boron do, magnetic is very big, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so that the watch is easy to be unconsciously magnetized.

Sep 24 2015

The dial time reversal reverse jump watch Mystery opened _ _ watch watch small knowledge _

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

what is the inverse jump table

< p > "inverse jump" is refers to a way to watch pointer operation, and the traditional circular rotating pointer is not the same, "inverse jump" type of the pointer is one-way walk, when the full scale process instructions, the pointer will instantly return to scale the starting point, and then repeat the process. Therefore, "inverse jump" type of scale for fan and pointer axis in general are done on the edge of the dial, radian scale sector below 180 degrees, typical in 120-150 degrees between.

< p > speaking of inverse jump,, the vast most people naturally will think of the decorative aspects,, after all, "inverse jump" the function itself is very independent, although we cannot let the time reversal, but let backwards a few turns, is not difficult. This is also a lot of people therefore particularize the selling point, but in fact, at the outset, inverse jump table appears in front of one of the reasons is not to satisfy the desire for the human spirit of "return to the past.

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

< p > due to watch as a result of the inverse jump device, dial the area can be significantly reduced, which also watches increased other functions provide the space without the use of inverse jump of the device,
Blancpain Watches, all pointers have to do on a rotating shaft, watches a lot of size will be large amplitude increased diameter dial even bigger than your wrist. But since the inverse of this design jump, the design space watch has been a great release. Now, that second hand can realize the inverse jump, even minutes, hours, days and weeks can achieve the inverse jump. We have enumerated in the period that Le Pont des Amoureux of Van Cleef & Arpels, is used in the design of inverse jump.