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on the impact of various dust on the precision machine table

first of all, we analyze the air floating dust which?

1, soft dust, by carbon particles composition;

2, hard dust,http://www.bagsbagu.com, composed of hard silica particles;

3, the human body is composed of dust, dandruff,http://www.chrono2u.com, hair;

4, artificial fiber, produced by industrial products, such as sweaters, ropes, paper and so on.

on the impact of various dust on the precision machine table

< p > we are in the hands of mechanical table, regardless of how the top, as long as to come up with a worn on the hand, dust can opportunistic fleeing into the movement. Especially the moving components, with our common words, is the ceiling ash, yes. It is similar to a trace of dust collector, when the machine running, as long as not absolutely sealed machine, dust will be generated with mechanical run around a vortex of air and involved, dust, can be said to be at ease. For a friend who likes machinery, open cover is a pleasure, in the absence of production manufacturers such as open cover to see the core, no doubt to the dust and a good place, due to the movement of the shaft and the oil, which will be very hard to adhere to the above,
www.bagsbagu.com, here, we put aside the dust on the surface and plywood and other factors, I will talk about the impact of dust on the precision machinery in the end how much?