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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; such as the title for the landlord to go online to find information, ha ha Polo Polo is one of the world history with written records of the oldest and most rapid team sport. In late nineteenth Century,, the British royal family polo in a period of vigorous development. In the UK and Ireland, such as questions to help the landlord to find information on the Internet, he Ma Qiu (Polo) is one of the most ancient and most fast team sports in the history of the world. In late nineteenth Century, the British royal family polo in a period of vigorous development. In the UK and Ireland has more than 30 Polo Club (POLO CLUB). POLO CLUB also gradually to the brand image, as a new favorite. So far, CLUB POLO has become an elegant, noble brand logo. "The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club" (Berkshire Royal Polo Club) is one of the most authoritative Polo Club in Britain. It has a large number of professional athletes and amateur society member, has opened in the leading position of polo School of Chinese furniture, every year by professional lecturer for beginners teaching Polo lessons. 2005, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club The 2004 officially entered the Chinese watch industry, the typical noble quality into the watch,, material and design, fashion and taste the perfect combination, make the watch more life taste, fashion and noble, is the pursuit of a unique life, love the success of classical art preferred. Brand of sports spirit,, noble and elegant shape, the material of the elegant, all this is the basic element of our design. Official website is not found, it is foreign to the general agent in China is a Timex watch Co., Ltd., Guangzhou has a web site, urgently. Perhaps you can call to ask to see