Luxury and precise timepiece Bai Lai Shi BR01 rose golden Tuo flywheel wrist [map] watch auction use

< p > committed to the pursuit of perfect Bai Lai Shi: the watch Top complex design: Tourbillon series, not only in the tabulation technology forward a step, and the design but the continuation of the excellent performance of the brand,, clever use of luxurious materials, highlighting making watches professional attainments. Bell& Ross Bai Lai Shi formally enter the super complex mechanical watches field, launched a new limited production BR01 rose gold and aluminum metal fiber tourbillon, contains three major characteristics: complex mechanical function, regardless of the day / night time display all clear and unmistakable, material is very strong light. In the daytime, the whole gold watch for cold lattice metal tone, in the evening, shiny aluminum metal fiber dial with luminous coating processing time and pointer,
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< p > Bell & amp; Ross Bolai scholar and leading Swiss watchmaking craftsmen together created the BR01 rose golden Tuo flywheel wrist, uphold the appearance the design principle of the brand, and machine device tourbillon, specification pointer type, power reserve display and spring torque (trust index) four major functions. The movement of the aluminum alloy fiber plate and the bottom plate, with the rose gold – wheel frame, to ensure the accuracy of the movement to maintain the ideal level. 3 when the position of the torque display to show the tension of the main spring, so as to reflect the accuracy and stability of the operation of the machine, the stability of the rose gold in the flywheel, carefully taking into account the basic needs of reading time, but also completely without sacrificing any technical details and professional wrist watch. The gold rose gold to create the top complex timepieces could clearly display the time the in the dark,
Graham Watches, depending on brand specially developed luminous coating processing technology.