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(GRAFF) hollow limited edition watch

Graff first disclosed a hollow tourbillon, will reveal the most incisive jewelry. This table highlights is rendered by a skilled engraver of hollow superb technology,, minimize the use of metal materials, retaining only the key functional parts, creating a photo of the aesthetic effect of the people heart and soul.

< p > manual winding movement with a 72 hour power reserve, the tourbillon is located 48 mm facet of the case is the ultimate Graff diamonds craftsmanship accentuates. Watch is inlaid with 164 diamonds,, total weight of more than 21 carats, the hollow structure of technology is very exquisite,, only when after all diamonds can put in the movement, and once into will no longer be able to make an adjustment, because only in this way can we protect the diamond perfect form. Dial design to create a flawless clarity, combined by the diamond edge sapphire crystal case times can foil watch inside the exquisite craft.