Valentine’s day has spread 2013 White Valentine’s day [figure] _ watch watch recommended _ famous sh

Mido Multifort

pioneer series of brave confession

Multifort Chrono pioneer Explorer three eye chronograph

< p > Mido table recommended symbol of courage multifort pioneer Explorer series the third eye chronograph, opened the prologue of happiness for this year’s White Valentine’s day, to have lasting implications of mechanical watch advertisement, in response to the other half of the sweet heart. White Valentine’s Day is each other if one party like Valentine’s Day gifts can be elected in the March 14 day rebate Valentine’s gift, on behalf of the soul,
fashion watches, and now white valentine’s day has evolved into is Valentine’s day are similar to celebrate the day. Mido is especially recommended to the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the source of inspiration for the multifort Chrono pioneer Explorer series the third eye chronograph, black veliger mix rubber strap is most suitable for dynamic fashion he; and silver veliger collocation chain belt, dedicated to love will simple design of him.

Multifort Chrono pioneer Explorer three eye chronograph

MIDO, vice president of blue Mido brand Kai Ming said: "this Valentine’s day every year to buy the fifth, not fully fermented, Valentine’s Day is expected to boom will continue until the White Valentine’s day, MIDO Mido ‘inspiration to confirm the eternal’ brand spirit developed full series, Multifort series of thepioneer Explorer Series in Sydney the steel bridge design inspiration, 44mm is the face of frank, bold and full of power, combining the mechanical meaning and the courage to pursue the eternal life of the explorer to create a perfect passion, only love for vocal watches,copy bags, MIDO watches through Mido design inspiration to reproduce the classic architecture,, will undoubtedly become the best lover forever treasure,, just the eternal witness."

table D-Star series of double track pin ceramic limited mutual pour eternal love

< p > Swiss watch radar table (Rado) again whole world Shenxianjuanlv, who presented the eternal love time machine, on the eve of the White Valentine’s Day launch limited section of the D-Star Rattrapante double needle chase automatic chronograph watch will be you this year Valentine’s most precious limited timepieces. In addition, the radar table also recommend other classic series, meet the diverse choices of lovers. Have a perfect round box dial Hao star series, the retro Juan beauty case elliptic is the best time to witness the faithful love. Ultra-thin ceramic watch, with thin watch to transfer two of the world’s infinite love. White Valentine’s Day is coming, let the radar table to bring you always love


Give the wrist gift Nirupama Jonny 6 [figure] recommend selling watches _ watch _ famous shopping gu

Nirupama Jonny Buagtti PFH365-1201403 watch ,

watch series: Buagtti

movement type: manual mechanical

material: 18K platinum

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 36 mm

< p > watch comment: this wristwatch has reason to become Parmigiani selling styles,, in fact, is Bugatti to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the day and Parmigiani launched in collaboration with the super sport watch, two big brands Qiangqiang joint nature will be produced beyond the general effect. At the same time watch highlights is when the original mechanical table onto the vertical axis, to allow the driver to focus attention on the dashboard. This design requires the use of 90 degrees of time to set up the system, also need to add a double gear and other elements, it can be said that the Jonny Nirupama brand in the watch and a breakthrough.

Nirupama Jonny Limited Editions PF011128.01 watch

watch series: Limited Editions

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: palladium 950

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 46.6×34 mm

< p > a brief review on watch: palladium as a rare white precious metal and its unique temperament much global attention,, it inherited the evolving styles,, is becoming new palladium generation new favorites. This material will be higher than the price of platinum watches but is still relatively low compared to the platinum.

Fuji Cherry Hill is strong day time zone watch to accompany you to travel all over the four seasons

spring: cherry petals ,bag outlet

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was in March, of course, is a good time to go out to relax. Japan Sakura global famous, famous visitors must not be less. When you in the Mount Fuji, enjoying the snow, side bursts of cherry blossoms fall, you will feel the most gorgeous and the most short of that kind of beauty. In the appreciation of cherry blossoms, but do not forget the time oh. This is from a series of Campanola AG6230-57P watch,, is a dual time zone watch function.

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!As Japan’s most famous clock production company,, CITIZEN has been developing and innovating since its inception in 1930. So it is today recommended AG6230-57P watch. Silver table body,, as if recounting the snow melt when a melancholy. Cherry blossom is short, just as this thought is generally floating in the wind. Double sided sapphire crystal glass material of the mirror smooth texture. Except for double time zone function for you the correct time, pressure display also can let you in the mountain more than a safety.

High performance all-match watches the workplace Du Lala parity [figure] selected _ watch _ famous s

Wang Luodan: never go wrong ,

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into the new field, work also to have a new method, how to avoid the mistakes that should not make, is the problem of every new workplace is hard to think of. Wang Luodan in the TV series version of the "Du Lala promotion in mind," the play a beginning to make mistakes, "the life of Du Lala". In this one of the high ratings of television drama, Wang Luodan is how to interpret the workplace rookie carefully,, black and white ash is never wrong collocation.

recommendation: watch Baroncelli M7600.4.26.1 watch

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!< p > Mido for the love of the entry-level mechanical watch the players say is quite familiar with the brands of watches and clocks, and Baroncelli series is the nots allow to miss a part of. This watch table size 29 mm, case thickness 6 mm, the whole paragraph meter main body is made of stainless steel material,
fashion watches, round white dial is the most common watch style, never known as the Joker paragraph. A table with a sapphire crystal glass made with anti glare function, let you avoid timing error.

star Collocation:

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!< p > the upper part of the body of a white shirt and a grey sweater coat natural collocation appropriateness,, lower body black professional dress in just a few simple pen fold they outline lines of a serious work of women in the workplace. Black shoes can commute low documentary at work and let you be liberal and dignified in the meeting, and won’t make your legs too much burden. Add black handbags and exquisite necklace, a security card is successfully played.

Noble luxury senior diamond watch you Beckoning up [map] _ watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashion w

editor: the 7099 series of snowflake inlay Ladies Watch

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noble origin imprinted Patek Philippe,, launched more expensive watches exposed snow mosaic. This 7099R ladies watch, with elegant radian barrel shaped rose gold case for as to the stage, let the snowflake inlay craft exquisite diamond and fire color bright add radiance and beauty to each other,, brimful of wrist. More like full of diamonds from Wine, let a person smell that is drunk, restless. Watchcase shop inlay astatic inlaid diamonds, dial diamond inlaid precious hand carving pattern. Finally, equipped with exquisite manual winding rectangular movement, from inside to outside reveals the noble.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!Precious hand carving lines dial

diamonds, collocation rose gold willow pointer, rich classical. Elegant barrel shaped watchcase,, with snow inlay inlaid fine diamond, shiny. Brown alligator leather strap, rose gold case collocation,, elegant and noble. Patek Philippe brand logo, GENEVE words highlight the noble Geneva blood.

Gao Yuanyuan angel or devil watch match interpretation of twins charm [map] watch products shopping

tender: lace skirt

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!< p > said Libra beauty, and is gentle, pleasant type,, Gao Yuanyuan is a typical representative, her facial features delicate and gentle,
luxury watches, some of the more well behaved, less aggressive. Therefore, elements of lace bra skirts these very feminine charm is Gao’s patented by her interpretation up like the means a transcendental and free from vulgarity. It looks like Gao Yuanyuan, in real life is also gentle, she likes to raise a cat to keep a dog, like in the home with her mother.

Watch: the Bvlgari SERPENTI series SP35C6SDS.1T watch

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!A unique example of < p > Bulgari SERPENTI serpentine series, both show the exquisite art technology, and combined with the characteristics of decorative jewelry. Snake from the wrist between the winding and, a smart infinite enchanting beauty during flicker table inlaid circle with 38 pieces of diamond, and table on the crown of the Oval Cut Pink Ruby mutual authentic, the appearance of the disc on the sun flower radiation pattern the block watch sporty look.

tender collocation Tips

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!< p > Bulgari the bracelet watch Li Bingbing had interpretation, skirt, trousers collocation style of Golden Snake watch,, the image of a woman was born this way. But here, wear Gao Yuanyuan is red lace skirt, the deduction is gentle and pleasant,, so I chose this silver as the most appropriate, in addition to match some of the same color jewelry as the ornament, can achieve the effect that make the finishing point. The best choice of retro pointed high-heeled shoes, bare red color collocation is very harmonious.

The spring outing time wearing sports hiking to [map] _ watch watch _ famous shopping guide _ fashio

editor: Happy Sport series 288515-9006 watch

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,!The launch of

20 years, Happy Sport series has attracted numerous bold and fashion tastes of the people. The latest launch of happy sport XL series,, in the modern sense and plateau invasive more wins in the past, and faithful to the essence of happy sport watch series: famous activities diamond design, given the watch is sporty,, and graceful unique temperament. The latest fashion style, using a single tone and powerful 42 mm diameter case.

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recently in the world of black in the back of the watch industry, greatly sought after. This mystery is a general but classic color, full of sense of magic, people have a natural attraction. Everybody loves black, because it is suitable for all occasions. Even the most simple attire, because it will also add to the elegant elegant temperament; the most introverted personality will also because of it full of personality. Black Happy Sport XL watch just embodies this fusion of power and grace. Dazzling diamonds in the decoration have dial guilloche patterns of hover, resulting in a sharp contrast, like faint in the night sky of flashes of lightning. Collocation avant-garde rubber strap, black Happy Sport XL watch it exudes a more elegant,, more powerful charm.

Hublot 2013 father’s Day recommended classic fusion ultra-thin hollow gold King (1)


diameter of the dial,, equipped with a thickness of only 2.90 mm of the ultra-thin movement. Completely hollow out design concept will watch internal structure — whether it is adjusting part,, balance or escapement wheel are more clear and intuitive show in the eyes of the professional. Set a small stopwatch dial 7 o’clock position, the part of the pointer continuation of the representative for the first design style, as to Yu ship table historical tribute at the same time, it can also be seen for a father to commemorate the achievements of the past. Up to 90 hours of power storage and the normal operation of the water under the 50 meters of the excellent waterproof factor to allow the work to follow the success of the success of the easy control of the occasion. In the pursuit of his father out of the ordinary Hublot unique material makes Wang Jin watch from the red color.

technical parameters

serial number 515.OX.0180.LR – 18K king, limited to 500

classic case fusion 45mm diameter, 18K Wang Jin, polishing Satin drawing processing

18K Wang Jin, vertical satin brushed titanium metal,, embedded 6 H titanium metal screw lock

mirror sapphire mirror, internal and external anti reflective treatment

black synthetic resin

crown polished 18K Wang Jin, with HUBLOT logo

table back satin drawing processing 18K Wang Jin, inlaid with the inside of the anti reflective processing sapphire mirror

waterproof 50m or 5 atmospheric pressure

dial sapphire dial with rose gold HUBLOT logo, internal and external anti reflective treatment

Rose Gold Plated dial inlaid

pointer polished rose gold

core HUB1300 manual winding movement, the location of the 7:00 configuration of small second hand

thickness 2, mm

part number 123 (23)

vibration frequency 3 (21600 times / h)

power store about 90 hours

Strap Black Crocodile Leather Strap with black rubber

18K rose gold


reference price RMB236800

Xun Zhou PK for Fan Ye Street Queen yellow white blue hit the other at a wristwatch to save games


Zhou Xunming yellow light smart

score: assumes


as a well deserved street beat ICON,longines watches, Xun Zhou’s every move can not attract our attention. This is a street and she to shoot modeling,, it is for everyone to look for. Bright yellow small joss stick breeze suit, plus a black dial watch, let a person in marvel at the ingenuity wonderful ride over to Zhou Xun powerful aura gasp in admiration.

Fan Bingbing Ming Huang jump retro

score: assumes

is also a yellow suit, Fan Ye of this body is more biased in favor of the retro neutral style. Long suit ride striped shirt, with striped trousers, is full of humor. In the watch,, then choose one with black, but relatively more delicate watch. Mutual against each other, then let a person feel a bit too much, the visual effect is not perfect.

PK for the first time: Xun Zhou than


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The four represents simple precision watch DIN watch recommended

Lange 1815 series 233,fashion watches.026 18K platinum watch

watch review: on behalf of Ashkenazi watch’s last night,, then the tabulation process be without rebuke. The Languedoc tabulation is full of precious metal materials, so watch prices are high. This is a watch with is simple small needle design, equipped with Lange produced of Cal.L051.1 manually on the chain movement, power reserve up to 55 hours.

watch series: 1815 series

movement type: manual mechanical

material: 18K platinum

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 40 mm

domestic price: $161000

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Guerra Souty Pano Classic

90-02-14-02-04 watch series< p > watch comment: this paragraph glashutte compared with simple small three pin design is complex, but dial design can still feel and simple. I like the moon disc lasu, I like the big calendar lasu display window. This is a watch in 2 and 4 o’clock position with the phases of the moon and the calendar window display,, the design of blue steel hands more watch added the charm of a trace of mastermind.

watch series: Pano Classic series

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 39.3 mm

domestic price: $101500