Thirty thousand yuan to buy a diamond watch this summer workplace upstart promotion major suit! (1)

stainless steel drill table recommended: celebrities Lingni series MOA10071 watch

[reference price] 32300 RMB

< p > as white-collar workplace, not only do you need at any time can be the perfect processing ability, should have a prominent taste and identity of the watch. If you want to highlight their own unique taste, you can choose a little small but expensive famous brand, such as celebrities. Definitely not bad Street watch brand, but a little understanding of the people will watch appreciate your good taste. Not to mention the Lingni series is designed for women to create enough for you,
luxury swiss watch, absolutely critically.

[purchase address]

Beijing (shopping

) famous Monopoly

address: Beijing City Shopping Center No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, a layer of

phone: 010-85110922


Shanghai famous Monopoly


,, Nanjing East Road,, Shanghai City,

phone: 021-63212769

Guangzhou famous Monopoly (Grandview Plaza)

address: Guangzhou Tianhe Road No. 228 Guangzhou Grandview Plaza friendship building

phone: 020-38393294


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