China News Network obesity affects the quality of sexual life

                according to the world’s daily, the latest medical research found that obesity affects sex. A group of obese men and women who took part in weight-loss drugs said their sexual life satisfaction was far below average,, while obese women were full of sex

        according to the world’s daily,, the latest medical research has found that obesity affects sex. In a diet drug study obese men and women respondents said that their sexual satisfaction is far lower than the average person, and an obese woman sexual satisfaction lower than men,, sex and marital therapy at the beginning of the May edition of the journal report ".

news: obesity affects the quality of sexual life? China News Network         Osby, author of the study, said: "research is concerned with obesity and sexual dysfunction and low quality of sexual life."." Osby is Professor of residential and family medicine at the Duke University medical center.

        the report of copyright guardian said, involved in the study of 134 women and 91 men, their levels of obesity from moderate to severe,replica watches, body mass index (BMI) was more than 30, but their degree of obesity has not yet to be engaged in sexual life degree.

        subjects included whites, African Americans, and hispanics. Evaluation of certiorari asked participants interested in sex, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, sexual behavior, sexual relations, and other related problems of life. (New China, May, 4)