Sep 21 2015

A new era of satellite watch timer [figure] witness _ watch _ watch a little knowledge of _ fashion

satellite timer of the new era of witness

is well known that the development of the timer dates back to the year 1088. The Chinese Song Dynasty’s scholars made the water transport system. It became the first clock in the world. It has a very important significance in the history of the world. Over the next one thousand years, humans have invented the mechanical watch, electronic watch, quartz watch,, electric meter,, and other different principles of the timer, from the exquisite craft of traditional craftsmen to more sophisticated technology, human beings for time accurate pursuit has never stopped.

satellite watch the new era of the new era of

< p > 1350, German mechanical alarm clock enable human has entered the era of mechanical timepieces, however, internal product mechanical movement susceptible to the influence of gravity, the timing error is relatively large; in 1955 the first electronic watch the advent of the timing accuracy is improved, the day accuracy error less than 0.5 seconds; in 1969, Japanese production of the world’s first quartz watch, timing accuracy to improve, but quartz battery life of only 1-2 years, quartz oscillator 5-8 years of deterioration; in 1955, Germany began to sale the first wave form,, and by receiving no wire electric wave signal automatic calibration time.

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