Sep 23 2015

Global first gold to archaeological discovery inspired Watch U Antti Kehela [map] watch auction used

global first to archaeological discoveries inspired Watch: Antti Kehela

Antti Kehela (mechanism Antikythera) is one of the most mysterious discoveries in the history of human civilization. Today,, it has been well known, and the scientific community has been studied in detail. But as it was discovered in 1901, the great historical and technical value of it was still a mystery. At the time of the theoretical framework of the experts, there is no ancient Greek Rome era will be able to manufacture the machine concept. Therefore, obscurantist who are not scientists have claimed that the unearthed from Antikythera human masterpiece is fundamentally from another planet, it was sent to the earth with the sole purpose of is to water pollution.

global first to archaeological discoveries inspired Watch: U Antti Kehela

mechanical gear system shows the mathematical perspective of the universe

Antti Kehela device is not a clock to show time, because the ancient Greek experience with us today. The Antikythera device is a real map of the cosmos (picture of the whole universe machine) and more accurate to say that is selenographic chart describing the motion of the moon cycle of the machine. It has high precision, and can display a plurality of astronomical cycles, including the Metonic cycle (Metonic cycle, named after the Greek astronomer meton Meton, 19 years for a period equal to 235 synodic month),, Kalipike cycle (Callippic cycle,Tag Heuer Watches, named after the Greek astronomer calibos Callippus, 76 years for a period equal to 940 synodic month or 4 Metonic cycle), and can correct all errors. The Antikythera device can also specialized instructions used to predict eclipses Saros (the Saros cycle, 223 synodic month, equal to a little more than 18 years) and runner cycle (Exeligmos cycle equal to three Saros or 54 years).

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