Sep 24 2015

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Glashuette Original Watches

iPai love to shoot the December holiday gift series

Royal (Oak)

< p > octagonal shaped surface of the Royal Oak (Royal Oak) series watch behind its unique shape, there is a fascinating story.

iPai love to shoot the December holiday gift series

< p > in 1972, the famous Audemars Piguet () launched Royal Oak (Royal Oak) series watch,, it came from in the hands of the genius designer watches Gerald Genta. Genta Gerald has been involved in (Geneva), Philippe Patek (), and Bvlgari (Bvlgari),, a variety of Swiss luxury table design. Royal Oak wristwatch screw exposed revolutionary design broke the clock and watch industry follows decades of unwritten rules: all of the operations of the parts have been hidden. Genta Gerald also has an impact on the design style of the whole world.

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