Sep 22 2015

Romantic Paris winter ball van Cleef & Arpels senior jewelry watches [map] watch auction used fashio

romantic Paris "Winter Palace dance" Van Cleef & Arpels

high jewelleryIn February 11,
Breitling Watches, 1903

held in St. Peter’s "Winter Palace". Each gorgeous ball needs to have a gorgeous layout, and the winter palace beautiful decoration is site among the highest in the world. Three connected luxurious party hall: the Royal reception hall, Nicholas banquet hall, concert hall, every can overlooking the beautiful Neva, is one of the world’s most magnificent buildings. Guests to the status of the status of one of the three major parties to the party.

romantic Paris ",;Winter Palace dance" Van Cleef & Arpels

high jewellery< p > BAL du Palais d ‘hiver watch with mother of Pearl for decoration, with 24 hours of poetic complex TM movement, time between powder Gold Dial skimming over the surface.

century dance in Venice in September 3, 1951". This ball is French Argentina Dynasty rich Charles de Bestegui children gift gift. He was born in Paris, living in the vicinity of the French Montfort-l’Amaur Châ de Groussay teau. However regardless of living in France or Italy, he about the 18th century only Zhong. So he put party venue in magnificent Venetian Libya house,, because the reception room is provided Polokwane painting decoration.

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