Jul 13 2015

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Every couple goes into their wedding day with a different idea of the special moments they want captured by their photographer. Whether you’re looking for a photojournalistic,SevenFriday watches, artistic/editorial, or classic photography style SimplyBridal has helped you create a list of the must-have shots with the gown, the couple, the kiss, the bridesmaids, and the cake. Make sure you study this infographic so you can get all your critical photos! (Simplybridal.com)

The Gown

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Candid shot with bride and her mom dressing.
CLASSIC: Partially posed on a neutral background.
ARTISTIC/EDITORIAL: The dress is hung with the shoes below.

The Couple

PHOTOJOURNALISM: A vintage shot behind the groom’s shoulder of the bride walking down the aside.
CLASSIC: A posed photo with the groom’s arm around the bride’s waist.
ARTISTIC/EDITORIAL: The shoes portrait.

The Kiss

PHOTOJOURNALISM: A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it peck on the lips.
CLASSIC: A romantic kiss to catch all your best angles.
ARTISTIC/EDITORIAL: A romantic kiss under a veil.

The Bridesmaids

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Bridesmaids fighting for the bouquet.
CLASSIC: Bridesmaids posed on steps with bouquets.
ARTISTIC/EDITORIAL: A close up of the bridesmaids with bouquets.

The Cake

PHOTOJOURNALISM: The couple cutting the cake.
CLASSIC: The cake against a neutral background.
ARTISTIC/EDITORIAL: A wide shot of the cake and dessert table with a vibrant backdrop.

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