OMEGA perfect representative achievements

        OMEGA perfect representative achievements watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     wear OMEGA watches,, on behalf of achievement and perfection, this OMEGA watch industry and advertising industry have known the name is derived from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, by the taste of people loved. OMEGA in sailing,, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored by the European golf, won the Olympic Games designated timer is up to thirty-one times more. OMEGA is the first and only on the moon to be worn on the wrist watch. OMEGA also invited some celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with the formula one champion Schumacher,, figure skating champion Chen Lu, Switzerland’s number one tennis player Sindis, sailing Racer Peter · sir Blake, golfer Ernie · ace, Pierre period · Bresnan, Cindy · Crawford, Simon Yam, Qiqi and other top from all walks of life people. Don’t look at the network electronic commerce so be in full swing, if you see home web site selling OMEGA watches, then definitely don’t believe, OMEGA does not sell any products on the Internet, one, second-line only the global distribution of the sellers, buy OMEGA watches, don’t look at advertising, must have a look at her website,, knowledge enough to recognize OMEGA anti fake method.

The count double insurance jewellery (Photos)

        the count "double insurance" jewellery (Photos) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches the count (PIAGET) to build a new: "double insurance" watch. The perfect combination of jewelry and senior watches,, witnessed the extreme luxury, perfect deduce the count’s "world of luxury". In order to prove their abilities of self transcendence, rise above the common herd, the count is especially good at R & D rare, precious and the one and only works. Whether it is the creation of the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement or the most expensive watches, face the new challenge every time,, the count to show exquisite craft and jewelry watches manufacturing. The count (PIAGET) "double insurance" watch: – 1144: Diamond weighs 106.52 carats – 2000 hours working time – dial central: Senior Jewelry 3.35 carat emerald type diamond cutting – enough to dizzy, and artisans of the one and only Handmade skills. The first layer: Earl quartz watch second layers: the count of self-made 602P automata core Tourbillon table "always do better than the requirements of the" this is not only the founder motto, is located in Luoshan District in Middle Jurassic LaCote-aux-Fé the count movement in the village of ESS manufacturing studio and is located in the Plan-les-Ouates District of Geneva,, senior watch carefully processed gem gold case and bracelet manufacturing factory, this is their purpose. The count accurately grasps the time pulse, never cease to bold attempt to spirit, professional skills and rich imagination, the pursuit of more exquisite artistry. (picture is provided by the count PIAGET)

Strap and maintenance a recipe – strip article

        strap and maintenance a recipe – strip article watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches is perhaps the relationship between technology level,, for the entire watch, watchband received less attention to the movement,, but in fact it is "Watch to wear" one of the most important parts. Strap can be simply divided into refining belt and belt, wherein the mixing zone for durable and unique metallic luster become numerous table fans preferred, but if the improper maintenance, easy to maintenance the bracelet with known but will your face for points yo! 1. What should you do when you have a scratch? In the bright light show moving God color, smooth smooth chain belt is numerous table fans love, but it is also because the proud character, as long as the strap on appeared a scratch, whole table appears pale many. What should you do when you have a scratch? You can buy gold to watch for "wipe the table cloth" (or magic cloth) to wipe, if not deep scratches can be removed, or wait until the regular maintenance, repair master again by a clean, but if the injured heavier then must pay by the master processing. 2 well! How to become this character? Mixing with the table wearing long, accumulate in the table section joints or the belt surface by the sweat and dirt mixed sludge will send out evil smell. When faced with this situation, can take a soft bristled toothbrush toothpaste or cleaning brush some light strap and joint stained, then rinse with water, after wiping the hair dryer to flannel available will strap dry. In addition, K gold watch to wear for a long time due to oxidation and discoloration, in addition to the master processing, can also be used powder cleaning, the effect will make you satisfied. In the jewelry table, in addition to consumers should pay attention to whether the diamonds there are signs of loosening, you also can use a toothbrush with salad off clean diamond dirty part, and is also a good method for jewelry soaking syrup. Us.. sting. Ning 1 in the cleaning process, no matter how careful, there will still be more than if water seepage, because cleaning strap and let the water table can be The loss outweighs the gain., or love table commission by the master finishing. 2 metal strap if wet (water, perspiration and other) without treatment is easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt from joint effusion in dirty clothes, and even cause skin allergies,, so in the remove table or water washing, please remember the cloth will be dry and then wear the seams. In addition, diving table "ashore" rinse with water, use of chemical agents but easy to damage. 3 carat gold material mixing zone because of soft material, easy to cause the scratch impinge or improperly touched,, also in the life of the traffic exhaust, swimming pool chlorine or human sweat will make gold surface discoloration. Let the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear placement, and advertised high hardness of titanium metal or high-tech ceramic table, also must pay attention to avoid collision or fall, after all the hard does not mean carry all before one.

Piaget official website

        Piaget watches brand official website,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch,, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches watches price / count count count watch watch pictures / offer / Piaget pictures / forum / count Piaget watches watches photo forum / Swiss Piaget watches price / Piaget price inquiry / Piaget watches all styles / watch / count count watch type query / Piaget official website (

Plum table TITONI taste is even stronger than before

        plum table TITONI taste our watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Daniel Mr. M.Schluep is a plum table factory chief executive, Schlueps family of third generations of the family enterprise management, but also the top classical automatic watch manufacturing experts. Thirty years ago, can have a piece of Swiss plum table proud as now LV and Chanel brought off a sense of. Plum table with the inheritance of three generation family tradition, the new tabulation technology and excellent tabulation manual, to meet the people from the past until now for the highest standards of quality handmade products pursuit. / Chi Qianqian / print data in the process of change not to move or retreat in 1919 is a turning point in the year: the first World War has been in the past, people full of hope for the future; the first World Organization International Alliance was established in Paris,, to the world brought to peace; the French founded the art deco style eventually accept, it not only in the field of architecture and design, but also in fashion, painting and printmaking art has become increasingly popular. In Switzerland, located in the heart of Europe neutral country, the innovation strength after all the suffering, but also back to life. Fritz Schluep in the foothills of the Jurassic Luoshan Glincoln, established a watch studio. The skillful watchmaker to "small, delicate" design philosophy, combined with the Swiss precision, good reputation perfect, thus was born FELCO watch. We modern era rhythm and company founders strength will watch factory superb technology and crafts of elegant com., born FELCO models, in design and process technology are deeply engraved in the famous Geneva people. FELCO to a Swiss watch is accurate and reliable reputation for oneself, even in twentieth Century and early 30’s economic crisis, can not shake the belief. Fritz Schluep successfully used sales difficult times and accumulated valuable experience, FELCO technology innovation and more precision, multi functional models successfully into the growing market for watches. From FELCO to TITONI plum table with excellent quality and the elegant appearance, FELCO has won a lot of praise. During the Second World War, USA forces choose watch ordered from the FELCO company is stable, accurate. There are more than 30000 FELCO watch exports to America, which has large camera type month date and chronometer are popular in the early twentieth Century 40. After the Second World War, the family business to continue to consolidate its market position, and in the European market,, and another broad market,, especially in the Near East, India and China. China on imported top Swiss watch shows great interest, this is Bruno Schluep. He is the founder’s son, is also the company owner’s successor, during a trip to far.

The 5 paragraph potential shares watch the value of investment

        5 "potential shares" watch the value of investment watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   a limited number, unique design, brand value and especially given commemorative significance, these are the typical characteristic limited edition. And some limited edition merchandise,, more is reflected in its commemorative value. For example, the limited edition watch style is very rich, noble diamond watch, gentle business watch and handsome movement table,, which gives the brand connotation of limited edition watches profound and monument to commemorate the history,, some for design reasons, some are named after famous, some for a souvenir the big event and in particular the introduction of. But the most special is, each a limited edition watch back will be engraved on the one and only number, and attach a copy of identification is sufficient to prove the identity of the limited edition watch.                         BLACNCPAIN (Bao Po)                 Lady "Lotus"             nbsp;   dedicated to the design and issuance of the Asian market, the Global Limited lady "Bao Po 138 lotus table" to break the traditional custom, designed for women. This section has the design table edge very bold and avant-garde, with a twist cable edging mother of pearl dial, natural and beautiful. Mother of pearl dial irregular original design with striking Arabia digital, to make it more scintillating, guilloche graphics is icing on the cake. The white dial inlaid Ruby bezel with red silk belt, wearing more comfortable more highlight the noble temperament.                 limit: 138                         BVLGARI (Bvlgari)               and nbsp     ASSIOMA;             the top of the Italy jewelry brand Bvlgari launched in 2006 the BASEL jewelry watches exhibition by mechanical movement of Bvlgari’s internal development and production of ASSIOMA watch. And in 2007 BASEL watch and Jewellery Show, was released this beautiful complex watch only

The most pure and moving seven pieces of fashion major suit jewelry watches

        the most pure and moving seven pieces of fashion major suit watch jewelry watch brands,, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   white, it is a piece of elegant and pure. White, with atmospheric beauty. Bring and gorgeous color people jumping feeling different, white will not give people the feeling of palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. But she can to calm down,, carefully taste jewelry table behind the charm. Many senior jewelry watches all choose diamond luxury and elegant performance in white. CHAUMET Class One automatic CHAUMET Class One automatic CHAUMET Class One white automatic meter, 100 meters water resistant, polished stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel is studded with diamonds. Haojue 08 Tourbillon watch   Haojue 08 Tourbillon watches Haojue 08 latest tourbillon, the overall color white elegant and reserved, the red pointer and the time scale and blue Tourbillon of very eye-catching. Vacheron Constantin Egerie series watch   Vacheron Constantin Egerie series watch the Vacheron Constantin Egerie series, diamond studded table body, sharing 311 a total weight of 2.05 carats of diamonds. Jaeger Le Coulter Joaillerie 101 Art Dé co jewelry table;   Jaeger Le Coulter Joaillerie 101 Art Dé CO jewelry table adopted ultra small 101 movement, so it can be more creative in the design. Radar really pure drill series series   radar real series pure drill series case and strap with white dial on the high-tech ceramics, date display window around 14 Diamonds, white color first,, elegant. Hermes Hermes jewelry jewelry table   watchcase for the classic H style, combined Bracelet Diamond part and the link part of the very sense of hierarchy. Longines Les Elé series; gantes   Longines Les Elé gantes series of classic shape and pattern, bezel and watch ear is studded with diamonds.

Table bare OMEGA new disc flying beauty

        "table" bare OMEGA new disc flying beauty watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watch   recently, supermodel Cai Shuzhen as the top Swiss watch OMEGA’s new Hour Vision published a disc fly will sexy appearance,, wearing designer specially tailored for her lace with transparent and body painting OMEGA new self movement image, for the OMEGA Hour Vision will be published to a unprecedented sexy transparent starred, features and selling beautiful interpretation of the OMEGA watch. Supermodel Cai Shuzhen display the new disc OMEGA new disc fly Hour Vision OMEGA Hour Vision although Shu Zhen fly this dress is really unprecedented transparent enough,, but because it is to show the new OMEGA watch transparent movement of the United States, so the heart with the show, the show is not necessarily is sexy, more an important mission is to be a Swiss watch OMEGA’s core innovation "table" bare.

Watch waterproof but still water vapor

        watch waterproof but still water vapor watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches in general, the water table is not equal to not water vapor. If wearing a watch to take a shower,, a waterproof rubber ring watch erosion cleaning agent and other chemicals will accelerate the aging, waterproof function also is invalid. In the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high; and the temperature difference is big, such as sauna room,, air conditioning, water vapor will cause the watch. Rubber Aprons aging gradually along with the time, waterproof properties is gradually, once found in water should watch promptly to the authorized repair station for processing, so as not to cause the rust of parts, shorten the life of the watch.

MontBlanc support of Lang Lang

        MontBlanc behind Lang Lang watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches to express our appreciation to the new generation of young pianist Lang Lang, MontBlanc also invited the chairman was founded in 1992 MontBlanc culture foundation. At the end of this year 3, Lang Lang International Music Foundation Europe ceremony in Hamburg North German television music hall kicked off, China outstanding young pianist Lang Lang therefore presented a special concert. The establishment of Lang Lang international art foundation aims to Lang Lang to classical music understanding and experience to enrich the lives of young people, to encourage more young people were exposed to classical music, help those classical music loving teenager rookie, and providing scholarships to promising students, to realize their dream of music.   he was 3 years old began to learn the piano, as early as 13 when it has received a number of well-known music awards. Lang Lang from his piano experience wrote: "when I was a child will have the opportunity to hear a variety of musicians and music concert for their insights, which makes me success today may become. My mentors also gave me a lot of support, it is the guidance and help of my potential further development. The establishment of this foundation is to share my chances of getting to you and those future musicians. In 2004, Lang Lang was appointed as the United Nations Children’s fund international goodwill ambassador,, since then he has been working to improve the UNICEF’s attention and efforts to raise more funds. Last year,, Lang Lang to charity concerts way for Sichuan 5.12 earthquake to raise $3400000 for charity, and donated to the Red Cross Chinese. Lang Lang said, "I want the music to show a different world for children,, to help them realize their dreams." In 2008, Lang Lang become MontBlanc brand international image ambassador, at the same time in order to express our appreciation to the new generation of young pianist Lang Lang,, MontBlanc also invited the chairman was founded in 1992 MontBlanc culture foundation. Lang Lang said, "since, MontBlanc strong global cultural mission touching. I very much hope to make more and more people, especially young people interested in classical music, so I am very pleased to have this opportunity to work with MontBlanc." MontBlanc has been committed to the promotion of music, art and culture, will fully support the Lang Lang international music foundation, MontBlanc will provide economic assistance to 2 children. MontBlanc International German executive director Thomas Mr. Schndter at the launch site is MontBlanc to the Lang Lang International Music Foundation donated 10000 euros scholarship.